Pt 10 – Showers & Kisses

Jesminder knocks on the door to say her waters out and could she use the shower. Yeah right Jesminder, sure it is! Look at you, all pretty and practically naked in your towel, standing there in the living room. We’ve got our eye on you!


N10-17-18_9-54-23 PM

She has her shower, and then decides to have a cry in Viv and Jayce’s bed.

Oh it’s all kicking off. Jesminder kisses Jayce in front of Viv and Viv is PISSED!!!! Jayce tells Jesminder that he just wants to be friends. She doesn’t seem too happy about that either.


N10-17-18_9-57-55 PM

Jayce apologises to Viv. She ain’t happy though. I’m actually starting to warm to Viv. Maybe I’ll reconsider her relationship with Jayce. He might be a genius, but he’s a player!


N10-17-18_9-56-54 PM

Viv decides to go out for some air. She bonds over shared pregnancy. Get to the hospital lady, looks like you’re in labour!


N10-17-18_10-30-09 PM

Viv has a nice to chat to Advik Nair. Does Viv feel a little flutter of attraction? Advik happens to be married to Ishaan. Oh the best looking one’s are always gay haha


N10-17-18_10-28-43 PM

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