Pt 2 – Welcome Wagon

After her not so great first date with Jasper, she decides to head on down to Guys Night at the Salty Paws Saloon. What better place then to meet guys.

And who’s this rather handsome fellow? Mmmmm Jayce Chapa. Again, just like with Jasper things seem to be going well. Great!!!! They even exchange digits. Could this be a promising new love? Could things be looking up for Viv?

N10-13-18_10-41-02 PM



N10-13-18_10-41-56 PM

Things don’t go so well when she gets home though. The welcome wagon have arrived, but just before she can let them in she pees herself. Nice one Viv. One of her neighbours kindly mops the wee up whilst she takes a bath. I mean, he really shouldn’t have!


N10-13-18_10-49-07 PM

On the plus side, turns out Viv is the first Sim I’ve had who actually likes the fruitcake. All is not lost!!!!! (I have no idea why someone has left a random plate of fruitcake outside in the hall, but ‘waste not want not!’)


N10-13-18_10-50-17 PM

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