Pt 3 – Another date?!

The Highjinks festival is in town. This might be a great opportunity to spend some more time with Jayce. Viv invites him along. It starts off well, they do a little flirting, watch some stars from the really hard (and probably very mucky) concrete.

N10-13-18_10-55-30 PM.png


But then wha???!!!!! It’s happening again, Jayce suddenly seems to be annoyed by Viv’s advances. What’s happening? It’s like a re-run of Jasper all over again. Is poor Viv going to be alone forever????


N10-13-18_10-58-44 PM

Oh dear! Jayce makes his way home and Viv decides to do a little art therapy and paint a mural. Poor girl……what man is ever going to want her? Time is ticking away, we need that heir!!!!!!!!


N10-13-18_11-03-45 PM

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