Pt 5 – WooHooooo ;)

So Viv goes back for a dance, but hold on again, Jayce is back. Right, he’s not getting away again, Viv holds onto him this time.

N10-16-18_10-13-41 PM


In fact she decides to invite him back to her place and get on the WooHoo straight away. Sexy bedtime outfit there Viv, at least you’ll be comfy.


N10-16-18_10-15-52 PM

One night of passion and Viv’s preggers….whoop! I’m not sure whether Jayce is thrilled or constipated in that pic, but he seems to take the news quite well.

N10-16-18_10-17-11 PM


Has her belly got larger already? She’s definitely eating for two….you go girl!

N10-16-18_10-19-15 PM

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