Pt 8 – Proposal & Marriage

Now I almost forgot to mention that whilst Viv was playing basketball Jayce gets married to a man. Little bit random… Viv decides to ask him out on a date. Let’s see if we can win the father of her child back.

Jayce is receptive to Viv’s flirting, it’s all going really well.


N10-16-18_10-52-21 PM

In fact he gets really excited when Viv asks him to be her boyfriend. She even persuades him to leave his husband. Gutted for him! But yay for Viv 😀


N10-16-18_10-51-12 PM

Inside the bar things get even better. In fact Viv takes the plunge and proposes.


N10-16-18_10-56-49 PM

Jayce loves it!


N10-16-18_10-57-11 PM

In fact I glance away for a second leaving them chatting at the bar, and the next thing I know they’re exchanging their vows. They’re not wasting any time at all!


N10-16-18_10-59-37 PM

Looks like Viv’s ample bosom is swallowing up Jayce. And her rather large pregnant stomach doesn’t seem to want to fit under the bar either.


N10-16-18_11-01-17 PM

Oh the two newlyweds, at last Viv has her man.

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