Pt 9 – Big Belly & an Affair

Look how big Viv’s belly is getting. This is only the second trimester. Crikey!

N10-16-18_11-12-26 PM

Whilst Viv and Jayce were at home, Jayce’s ex-husband decides he wants to come over. Sure, why not?! That’s a really interesting hug going on, looks kinda painful.

N10-16-18_11-37-46 PM

I have to admit whilst waiting for this baby I got a little bored. I’d already got Jayce a job as a secret agent, but he had three day’s before he started. I decided to spice things up a bit just to see what would happen. I got Jayce to flirt with his neighbour Jesminder Bheeda in front of her husband Arun.

N10-16-18_11-47-22 PMN10-16-18_11-48-39 PM

Arun isn’t best pleased about it.

N10-16-18_11-54-47 PM

Arun leaves, maybe to go to work. And I’m really cheeky and Jayce knocks up Jesminder. She already has two babies with Arun. Looks like theirs another on the way. Whoopsy.

He then has the cheek to go back to Viv and act all sweet. Oooh that scoundrel!!!!

N10-16-18_11-56-21 PMN10-16-18_11-56-49 PM

On a side note, how funny does Viv look doing a dance fitness video whilst preggers.

N10-16-18_11-16-51 PM.png


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