Pt 6 – New job

Viv still has the divorce blues. Arun doesn’t seem to be in a much better mood either. Surprise, he’s over at Viv’s again. Things can’t be going so well with Jesminder. In fact Jesminder has just given birth to Jayce’s son Toby, and Emilia’s half brother. Sweet name.


N10-18-18_10-39-57 PM

Jesminder wants to come over too. Tough luck lady, you burned your bridges. You’ll just have to stand outside looking at a closed door!


N10-18-18_10-40-29 PM

Oh no Emilia, not the splashing in the toilet. Why are all the toddlers obsessed with the toilet?!



N10-18-18_10-41-05 PM

Playtime 🙂 Arun you really need to stop standing around like a spare part.


N10-18-18_10-43-51 PM

I decided to get Viv a job, since she’s now on her own with a toddler. She’s going to need some cash. I did use the freerealestate cheat to get her apartment. But that’s the only cheat I’ve used, no other cheats or money cheats. Viv’s been pretty frugal up to this point, but she did splash out on two lamps and a sofa at the flea market when she was pissed at Jayce. She doesn’t even have anywhere to put the sofa currently.

I decided that Viv would join the Critic career. Since she’s a glutton and seems to love food, maybe she’ll do well at this. Who knows! I’ve not played this career before, so we’ll see.

If Viv levelled up her writing skill before her first day of work she’d get a head start. So I purchased her a computer, which luckily can sit on the dining room table without me having to buy a desk and chair.

Viv was just about to take out the trash when I asked her to do some writing. So of course the trash went on the floor.


N10-18-18_10-53-37 PM

Emilia is mastering the potty, nice green stink floating out of there.


N10-18-18_11-02-51 PM

Akira asks if Viv wants to hang out again. There’s that arm wrenching hug. Sims has been so glitchy recently.


N10-18-18_11-08-47 PM

Emilia tries some food that Viv left on the table. I don’t think she likes it. Looks like the toilet needs a clean too. Someone’s done a whiffer!


N10-18-18_11-15-09 PM

Side note: Crazy outfit of the day award goes to……this lady! Wrestling mask, pretty necklace, swimming costume over striped tights with boots. It’s certainly a look.

N10-18-18_11-04-54 PM.png



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