Pt 7 – Skillz

I really need to beef up Emilia’s skills. Viv has spent so much time stressing over Jayce that Emilia still has quite a few skills that need levelling up. I’d like her to at least get to level 3 on them all. Movement is proving a little difficult, as the apartment isn’t very big, she doesn’t really move around it very much. I may just have to get her to run up and down :-/

Here’s Viv helping Emilia stack her blocks. Viv looks positively thrilled.


N10-19-18_4-15-08 PM

So Akira wanted to hang out….again! Viv declined the outing as we wanted to work on those skills. But he just showed up anyway, let himself in and started tidying up. Well Viv isn’t about to complain. He took the rubbish out, cleaned out the fridge and then started cleaning the bath.


N10-19-18_4-17-39 PM

Emilia throws a tantrum because of too much block building. They both look really bored, so I don’t blame her.


N10-19-18_4-19-16 PM

The Spice Festival is in town, and it’s right outside the apartment so I send Viv and Akira down to that whilst Emilia plays with some toys to build up her imagination skill.

Akira and Viv enter the curry eating contest. Viv fails miserably, but looks like Akira is a pro.


N10-19-18_4-24-41 PMN10-19-18_4-26-29 PM

We can’t forget the festival tee now can we?!


N10-19-18_4-29-23 PM

Viv is hungry…..again! She’s got an appetite this one.


N10-19-18_4-30-01 PM

Back home and the neighbours are making noise. Looks like they made up. I hope they’re not making more babies. For one thing, they have three already. The second, their flat is only a one bedroom 😀


N10-19-18_4-31-42 PM

Everybody is pissed off. Emilia can’t sleep because of all the noise, Akira (who’s still here) is really angry and Viv is so annoyed she goes and does an angry poop.


N10-19-18_4-32-47 PM

She can’t stand it anymore, she has to go and bang on the door to get them to shut up. They finally go quiet, but no one comes to the door. At least the noise stopped.


N10-19-18_4-33-17 PM

Akira decides to vent at the kitty, since Emilia and Viv were both exhausted and went to bed.


N10-19-18_4-34-50 PMN10-19-18_4-37-31 PM

And then he goes and plays on the computer. What is he still doing here? I love Akira, but doesn’t he have his own home and family to go to?


N10-19-18_4-37-46 PM

After standing and staring at Viv in her bed (slightly creepy hey mister?), he decides to go and sleep in the other bed in Emilia’s room.


N10-19-18_4-39-04 PM

He’s still here in the morning whilst Viv is having breakfast before work.


N10-19-18_4-39-59 PM

And since Viv is now earning some cash, I thought I’d give her bedroom a little makeover. She was complaining of a bad back so I got her a new bed, added a few decorations, a new rug and sideboard and some curtains. Changed up the wall colour too. Snazzy!


N10-19-18_4-50-18 PM

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