Pt 8 – New lodger

Akira still hasn’t gone home. He stays all night and stays whilst Viv is at work and Emilia gets sent to daycare. At 2pm the Friends Hangout appears and he’s still there at 5pm when Viv gets home. He made himself useful though, by fixing the sink he broke.


N10-19-18_9-55-13 PM

I don’t know which daycare Emilia was sent to, but she’s come home hungry, grungy and really low fun. She’s really not happy with Akira and she has words with him. They are NOT friends at this point.


N10-19-18_10-01-14 PM

Now I just get an alert that Akira’s wife is pregnant again. That’s a bit strange, Akira hasn’t been home in three days. Ohhhhh, she’s not pregnant by Akira, she’s pregnant by Genji Flex. I’m not entirely sure who that is. It’s either Marcus Flex’s husband or son. There’s too many Sims in the household though, so the pregnancy is cancelled. She still cheated though!

Eat the damn food you smelly child, before you get taken away!!!!!!


N10-19-18_10-02-41 PM

Next morning Akira is still here, he slept in Emilia’s room again.


N10-19-18_10-18-45 PM

Viv is up to her usual tricks. Random floor food and a coffee. She takes them home to eat and drink in comfort.


N10-19-18_10-25-25 PMN10-19-18_10-25-29 PMN10-19-18_10-25-58 PM

Ok so Akira is here, ALL the time. His wife has been cheating on him. Maybe he wants to be with Viv? They do get on amazingly well, and he’s so handy around the house. So we take the plunge and Viv tries a pick-up line. Ohhhhh bad choice, he really does not like that… all. Oh dear, now both of them are embarrassed.


N10-19-18_10-35-34 PM

He goes off to fix the sink


N10-19-18_10-36-13 PM

Then goes and hides fully clothed in Viv’s bed. Yeah, because that’s a normal thing to do :-/


N10-19-18_10-37-50 PM

Viv goes to bed after trying to smooth things over. I think she wants to pretend it never happened. Akira decides to get ready for bed and then just stands and stares at Viv while she sleeps again. What is your deal Akira? You’re seriously hot, but you’re acting really weird 😀


N10-19-18_10-39-01 PM.png

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