Pt 9 – Birthday Party

Viv will literally eat anything. I didn’t even see where she got this, it just appeared in her hand. She must have been hiding it up her jumper all night.

N10-19-18_10-39-56 PM

Of course Akira stayed over again. Here he is making his breakfast. It isn’t going so well. Something tells me he doesn’t have many skills in the kitchen.

N10-19-18_10-42-56 PM

Today is the last day of being a toddler for Emilia. Potty training is the last skill I need to get to level 3, and I’m determined to do it. I just keep sitting her on the potty till she’s levelled up. Sorry Emilia, but needs must. You’ll thank me later, when you know how to use a toilet properly.

N10-19-18_10-43-48 PM

I can’t let Emilia’s birthday go by without a party. So I buy a keyboard and hire an entertainer. Who shows up looking a little peaky. Wonder what his deal is? Not sure I really needed a caterer, and I really didn’t need to add Akira as a guest, since he’s always bloody here.

N10-19-18_10-49-30 PM.png

As Viv goes to get Emilia to help her blow out the candles, ghosty decides to see what Akira is up to. Akira doesn’t seem too bothered that there’s a ghost floating right next to him and standing partly in the table. He’s also still lounging about in his PJ’s.

N10-19-18_10-50-52 PM

WOO! Par-tay!

N10-19-18_10-51-05 PM

And here’s Emilia as a child. She looks pretty, well…..normal. Head looks a little slimmer like Viv’s and her eyes possibly look like Jayce’s, or even Viv’s it’s hard to tell. She doesn’t seem to have a strange nose or chin, and no monobrow as yet. Could I have bred the ugly out in one generation? :-/

I did some changes to her outfits. But left everything else and her hairstyle. She rolled the Cheerful trait and the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. So I buy her an art/craft table for her room.

N10-19-18_10-56-22 PMN10-19-18_10-57-06 PM

She ages up quite moodily, and decides to take it out on kitty. Don’t know what that poor guy ever does to deserve all the flack he gets. I’ll be posting in BOTU – Part 3 for updates of Emilia as a child.

N10-19-18_10-55-40 PM

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