Pt 1 – Ditch and run

Whilst Viv and Emilia were asleep, Akira stayed all night. First he put himself to good use fixing the broken computer. And then he went and stood in the hallway staring at the wall for three hours. He didn’t sleep at all. Hey Akira buddy, you ok? Is something wrong? Do you need to talk?

N10-20-18_7-22-15 PM.png

I know you’re trying to be super helpful mate, but mopping the floor whilst the toilet is still spurting out water isn’t going to achieve much.

N10-20-18_7-22-53 PM.png

Akira is really tense, and Viv hasn’t been out much lately so I decide to send them on a group outing to Serenity Spa & Yoga. Just so happens to be a spa that I built (It is up on the gallery if anyone wants to download it. My ID is – SparklyB)

It was built specifically for Newcrest. I built a number of buildings for Newcrest to make it more of a destination including a cafe, restaurant, lounge, spa and gym.

Here’s Viv partaking in a little yoga in the yoga studio. Funny story – In another game I’d sent my Sim to a yoga class and when I wasn’t looking the instructor died in the middle of the class. I’d only glanced away for a second and when I looked back there was an urn on the floor. No one reacted either, they all just carried on as if it hadn’t happened.

N10-20-18_7-29-25 PM

Viv joins a few others in the sauna. I’ve not seen her in a towel before, and what’s with the hat? :-/ 😀

N10-20-18_7-30-03 PM

And this guy’s wearing socks!

N10-20-18_7-30-26 PM

Akira takes a yoga class.

N10-20-18_7-31-18 PM

And Viv gets a hand massage. I think she deserves a bit of pampering.

N10-20-18_7-34-52 PM

Viv travels home without Akira, I think we may have fixed the problem of him always being here. Maybe now he’ll get home to his family. He’s meant to be a stay at home Dad. He wasn’t doing much of that for the last few days. Emilia is getting on with her homework. I’m trying my hardest to get her to an A student.

N10-20-18_7-48-48 PM.png

Then suddenly I see someone run past the apartment down on the street. I wonder what Ishaan is doing running around in his towel outside? Maybe he saw a ghost 😀

N10-20-18_7-52-40 PM.png

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