Pt 2 – Lounging

Viv decided to help herself to spoiled food from the fridge, she also keeps eating it even though she makes a disgusting face at it. It doesn’t seem to effect her either, she doesn’t get any negative effects from it. Maybe because I don’t let her finish the whole plate.

N10-20-18_8-36-28 PM.png

I really want to get Viv to meet someone new. So I decide to send her out to see if she can meet some new people. I don’t think there are many singles around San Myshuno, so I send her to the ‘Pastel Lounge’ I built in Newcrest.

N10-21-18_10-53-02 AM

N10-21-18_10-54-48 AM.png

It seems like all the patrons coming in are elders. At first I was a little put off, but then I thought that actually Viv cosying up to an elder might actually be a good idea. They’re usually more solvent, maybe have been married and are now single. They may actually be a good prospect. Viv gets chatting to Shingo Tanaka, who I think looks quite handsome for and elder and things seem to go really well. There’s even a little flirting. Viv finds out that Shingo is a bro and he’s good…..he’s also single!

N10-21-18_11-00-56 AM

Shingo goes home because he’s tired. I get Viv to send him a love email, and then a flirty text. He’s texts to see if she wants to go out, so they meet for drinks.

Here’s Viv’s sexy pose. Oooh la la!

N10-21-18_11-09-49 AM.png

Look who’s at the bar, is that Cassandra Goth? And she’s pregnant! A quick check of MCCC and I find out that she’s now Cassandra Al Habib and is pregnant with her second child. She has a very neat bump.

N10-21-18_11-11-02 AM.png

Shingo does a disappearing act but I get him to travel home with Viv. They have their first kiss

N10-21-18_11-15-16 AM.png

And then it’s a little bit of WooHoo 😉

N10-21-18_11-16-33 AM.png

And Viv is pregnant 😀

N10-21-18_11-19-38 AM.png

Emilia is really happy about the fact she’s getting a little brother or sister.

N10-21-18_11-20-28 AM.png

Careful Emilia, you’ll melt the computer.

N10-21-18_11-21-55 AM.png


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