Pt 4 – Redecorating

I hadn’t been in this house before and I realised it was in need of a little redecoration. I’ll post some before and after photos.

The kitchen before;

N10-21-18_7-33-31 PM.png

And after;

N10-22-18_12-17-59 AM.png

The dining room before;

N10-21-18_7-33-10 PM.png

And after;

N10-22-18_12-18-16 AM.png

I just realised when I took these photos I still had the night setting on. I never thought about it when I was doing the redecorating, of course! 😀

The living room before;

N10-21-18_7-32-03 PM

N10-21-18_7-32-17 PM.png

And after;

N10-22-18_12-18-52 AMN10-22-18_12-18-38 AM

I don’t appear to have before photos of the downstairs bathroom or back hall, but here is the after photo. The bookcase and ottoman were already there, I just changed the flooring and wallpaper and added a bit of fluff. The bathroom sink stayed the same, I just changed the colour of the units, changed the toilet and shower and gave it some new wallpaper and flooring;

N10-22-18_12-18-26 AM

Upstairs I repeated the wall coverings and flooring the same as downstairs, took out the excessive floor runners and changed the lighting. I also added the easel and moved the desk and chair from one of the bedrooms, changed their colour and placed them and a computer in the nook area.

N10-22-18_12-19-31 AM.png

I then realised that my money was running out, and that I wasn’t going to have enough to finish all four bedrooms and another bathroom. So I decided I’d wait and build up a bit more cash before doing the stuff needed upstairs.

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