Pt 5 – Just Everyday Stuff

All my Sims have just been doing their thing over the last few Sims day’s. Emilia is getting closer to her birthday and pretty much the big reveal as to whether we’ve bred out the ugly in one generation. It’s actually looking hopeful, she was a pretty good looking child.

Shingo I got him a job in the business career. Why not earn a little cash and give him something to do. Viv’s been moving up nicely in her Critic career. I’ve mostly been working from home with her, which I actually really like as it gives you some tasks to do and a bit of a purpose for the day.

Emilia is an A student. She’s been doing great on all her homework and extra credit. She Also got her creativity to Level 6 and her other skills aren’t too far behind. This was her making friends with the monster under the bed. But what a massive pain it is. It comes every night and then gets her so energised, she can’t sleep. She’s been coming home from school exhausted.

N10-22-18_11-34-26 AM

Family movie time

N10-22-18_11-36-36 AM

Viv eating spoiled food again. I just left her to it, she ate the whole thing and nothing happened to her.

N10-22-18_11-54-34 AM

Viv taking a nap. Shingo took a nap in the same spot the other day. I think the house is quite large so this area and the lounge are quite common places to find Sims, even one’s that don’t live here, napping.


N10-22-18_11-55-40 AM.png

I thought this was quite nice. Shingo and Viv eating dinner and Emilia doing her homework. I like it how my Sims really use this table and room. Sometimes it’s a bit annoying when they all go off with food to other rooms, and don’t use the most obvious place for actually eating, the dining table. Also it gives them time to socialise as well.

N10-22-18_12-16-38 PM

As I was playing I got a pregnancy notification. Siobhan Kibo and Brant Hacking having a baby?! But what about Brent and what about Akira? Honestly I think I need to look at my MCCC settings because that girl has been knocked up about five times all by different men. Also, I have my setting so that only heterosexual couples can become pregnant, but same sex couples can adopt. But I keep getting notifications that same sex couples are having babies together, mostly when it’s two women. I think I must be missing something somewhere :-/

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