Pt 6 – New Baby Brother/Sister

Viv is looking huge at the third trimester

N10-23-18_10-57-17 AM

When Shingo and Viv woke up, Viv went into labour and also looked like this. I’m not sure you’re meant to reach in and try and get the baby out yourself through your tummy Viv!

N10-23-18_11-35-30 AM

She needed to pee so bad she wet herself (this seems to happen to Viv A LOT) but it could be mistaken for her waters breaking 😀

N10-23-18_11-36-28 AM

So I fulfilled a few needs and contemplated whether to go to the hospital or not. I eventually decided on a hospital birth. Shingo did the regular Dad freak out. Viv handled it like a complete pro, and just went straight in.

Shingo after freaking just started to walk off, and I realised he was off to work. I left him to it as Viv didn’t seem too concerned.

N10-23-18_11-39-09 AM

Was trying to get a pic of what was on the screen that the Dr is looking at. It was a flashing baby basket.

N10-23-18_11-49-00 AM

And we have a baby. It’s a boy!

N10-23-18_11-50-10 AM

Welcome to the family Ray Milligan (randomly generated first name). He looks a little unsure right now 🙂

N10-23-18_11-50-38 AM

Ray disappears and Viv gets out the tea she had hiding in her pocket, and then suddenly gets all flirty. Crikey, calm down Viv love, you’ve just given birth. I know the Dr is hot, but steady on! I think Viv is lining up her next potential husband haha 😀

N10-23-18_11-50-57 AM

And here’s Shingo with his first and only child. Unless something happens with Viv in the next few day’s :-/ 😀

N10-23-18_12-14-21 PM

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