Pt 1 – New Family

Dad, I’m trying to do my homework;

N10-23-18_11-17-30 PM.png

Emilia just randomly started teaching Ray how to talk.

N10-23-18_11-24-47 PM

And here she is putting him to bed. To say she wasn’t very pleased when she first saw her brother, this is good progress.

N10-23-18_11-26-34 PM

Now because Emilia has actually bred out the ugly, I wondered what I could do to carry on the story. So I thought I’d make another Ugly family to make a potential partner for Emilia as she gets older.

So here we have, the Penn family;

This is Beth. The only thing I changed after these photos was that I made her hair a little darker. I didn’t realise that I forgot to get a photo of the Dad.

N10-23-18_10-36-56 PM.png

N10-23-18_10-37-03 PMN10-23-18_10-37-28 PM

But I created three teen boys, and a teen girl. Just to add something unusual into the mix. They were all created by genetics of the Mother and Father, and I kept randomising till they looked really odd. I also randomly generated all the names;

This is Channing;

N10-23-18_10-53-57 PMN10-23-18_10-54-09 PM

Ronen, who looks very ordinary from the front;

N10-23-18_11-00-25 PMN10-23-18_11-00-29 PM

And Emiliano;

N10-23-18_11-00-36 PMN10-23-18_11-00-43 PM

And here’s their sister Iliana;

N10-23-18_11-00-50 PMN10-23-18_11-00-53 PM

I moved the Penn family into Oakenstead in Willow Creek, as they needed a big house since there was so many of them. They’d only been moved in less then a day and I got notification that both the parents had got remarried. Oops, I forgot to put their relationship as married. Oh well, I suppose it looks like they got divorced or separated. Turns out both parents had moved out. I then got notifications that all the boys had got someone pregnant. Well they didn’t waste any time. I really need to check my MCCC settings again. I think maybe teen pregnancy is a little much, maybe just stick to young adult and adult. Unless I turn teen pregnancy rate down really low. I mean, teen’s do get pregnant in the real world, but it’s starting to get a little excessive.

So I sent Emilia round to Oakenstead to meet the new family. Here they are all chilling out in the living room. This house is pretty gorgeous, the family? Not so much.

N10-23-18_11-57-48 PM.png

I settled on Channing being the most strange looking out of the brothers, so I get Emilia to make a move on him. They seem to get on very well.

N10-24-18_12-01-37 AMN10-24-18_12-03-24 AM

Emilia had some needs she needed fulfilling, so I send her home and invite Channing to come too. He ends up staying the night.

She asks Channing if he’d be her boyfriend.

N10-24-18_12-07-59 AM

They seem to be really comfortable around each other.

N10-24-18_12-08-30 AM

Yup, really comfortable.

N10-24-18_12-08-50 AM

At this point I’m unsure whether I want Emilia to have children with Channing, maybe she’ll meet someone else. But she’s still a teen so there’s plenty of time. Meanwhile there’s going to be some very interesting babies popping up around the town.


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