Pt 7 – 2 Birthday’s

Birthday day. And we threw a party. Don’t know if anyone else finds this annoying, but when planning an event, why can you only invite the Sims that the person hosting the party knows? Emilia can’t host a party, because she’s a child. But Viv doesn’t know Emilia’s friends. So I had to invite people Viv knows, and then get Emilia to call her friends once the party had started to invite them to hang out.

Also, the cook made the cake but before Viv could put some candles on it, Shingo stole a piece. So I had to get Viv to bake another cake. Then when the party had finished there was a black and white cake sitting on the table. So confusing!

N10-23-18_6-39-16 PM

Here’s Emilia blowing out her candles. It’s the moment of truth!!!!!

N10-23-18_6-40-09 PM

And yep, just as I suspected. She’s pretty!!!!! She didn’t get Viv’s nose, ears, downturned mouth or small eyes, or the gap in her teeth. I guess Viv’s features weren’t quite extreme enough.

Emilia randomly got assigned the Master Chef aspiration, which actually makes sense since Viv is a glutton and food critic, and Shingo is a foodie. And she got the Cat Lover trait…..awww…..maybe we’ll have to get a kitten 🙂

N10-23-18_6-43-28 PM

N10-23-18_6-44-59 PM

She does appear to have inherited Viv’s boobs and large hips. And are her forearms a little bigger than the tops of her arms? She certainly seems to be quite skinny at the very top of her body.

N10-23-18_6-45-08 PM

This was her everyday outfit that had been generated;

N10-23-18_6-53-18 PM

I didn’t really like it, so I changed it to this;

N10-23-18_7-00-21 PM

I decided to age up Ray on the same day, as it was really close to his birthday anyway. He randomly got the Clingy trait……that will be fun :-/

And here he is;

N10-23-18_7-13-27 PM

It was a little difficult to see his face shape with the hat on, so we had to change that. He looks pretty normal and cute. Also….red hair? I wonder whether Shingo had red hair originally.

N10-23-18_7-14-33 PM

His chin is a little set back in the side view. And do his ears look a little on the large side?

N10-23-18_7-14-39 PM

Now both Emilia and Ray have aged up, I’ll be blogging about the next life stage in Part 4.

Emilia and her Dad on her Birthday. Jayce is an elder now;

N10-23-18_7-19-21 PM.png

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