Pt 3 – The Sadness Continues

Poor Viv, she’s finding Shingo’s death hard. Here she is crying over the urn, which is placed on the top of the fireplace.

N11-01-18_5-12-39 PM

Yeah, there’s something not right with that table. Viv keeps disappearing into it, and the chair.

N11-01-18_5-30-07 PM

Her sad face is so….well…..sad. Bless her!

N11-01-18_5-32-52 PM

I’ve just been trying to keep her busy, working from home. Unfortunately the day after Shingo died, she was meant to be working from home but actually got nothing done, so she didn’t get paid…..eek! She did manage to write a sad book though, and sell it to a publisher. At least that will bring in some extra cash.

Out of curiosity I went to check out some of the other families to see how they’re doing. Don Lothario is married with a son, check him out. This is Lukas Lothario, what a hottie!

N11-01-18_5-59-00 PM

No wonder though when his Mum looks like this.

N11-01-18_6-00-27 PM

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