Pt 5 -Parenthood and Birthdays

Viv had some work jobs to do, reviews of food and drinks etc so I sent her out. There was some crazy clipping happening around the bar. Everyone would suddenly all congregate in the same area.

N11-12-18_4-47-26 PM

Ooops, sorry Viv. I let you get a little tired there.

N11-12-18_4-54-46 PM

Since I’d given Viv a new party look, and she was looking really great for it. I decided to update her other looks. I tried some new hairstyles. I just had to show you this hairstyle, it’s not the most flattering haha

N11-12-18_10-02-32 PM

Here’s her new everyday look.

N11-12-18_10-10-32 PM

And her new nightwear. I’m loving how classy she’s looking.

N11-12-18_10-11-48 PM

Her new formal look.

N11-12-18_10-12-07 PM

Why? Why the toilet and the shower both at the same time. Viv happens to be extremely handy though, so she fixed those up in a jiffy.

N11-12-18_10-14-26 PM

Who’s this walking past the house. Well apparently it’s Emilia’s half brother Toby Bheeda that Jayce had with Jesminder.

N11-12-18_10-19-20 PM

Emilia finally takes up Jayce’s offer to meet up. Well she has to level up some of her skills now I’ve got Parenthood. I thought she was a pretty nice kid but apparently she needs more empathy.

I love how colourful the spice market is!

N11-12-18_11-06-50 AM

Hey that dude stole Emilia’s food she bought whilst she was chatting to Bella Goth. I’ve just realised that the Goth’s are neighbours and we’ve never gone round to visit them.

N11-12-18_11-09-11 AM

A day after Emilia had met up with her Dad, we got notification that he’d passed. He was a bit of a scoundrel to begin with, but I think he was an okay Dad. And they seemed to all keep on good terms.

This is new, both Emilia and Ray brought them home. But, wow…….they take ages to do! Plus both kids got sick at the same time. And Emilia didn’t even manage to get her normal homework done.

N11-12-18_11-38-27 AM

Oh hello Millie Bobby-Brown, what’s going on here then?

N11-15-18_11-12-40 PM

What is wrong with Emilia? I thought for a second she’d turned into a walker (The Walking Dead reference, which I’m sure you all know)

N11-15-18_11-14-31 PM

Crikey, it’s really not becoming of her.

N11-15-18_11-14-36 PM

Emilia got a call from Channing inviting her to his birthday party, so off she went. Interesting party gear Chan.

N11-15-18_11-18-25 PM

Looks like they invited Mum and Dad over.

N11-15-18_11-20-31 PM

Emilia is still walking around in a mood. There don’t appear to be any other teens at the party apart from Channing’s siblings.

N11-15-18_11-22-40 PM

Channing blew out his candles, and Emilia didn’t make it to the kitchen in time because she was so bloody slow because of the ridiculous walking.

N11-15-18_11-23-52 PM

Then it was time for Emilia to age up. She looks exactly the same as a young adult. Now I’ll have to think about her relationship with Channing. I think I’ll get him to move in at first, because I also want to try and get Viv to meet someone new as well.

N11-15-18_11-41-41 PM

I liked this shot of everyone sat around the table. I missed a trick though as I could have had them do a formal table setting. I’ll have to remember next time.

N11-15-18_11-48-15 PM

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