Pt 7 – Heeeeeey, heeey Baby!

Viv got some new work clothes. At least she could get rid of that horrible skirt she had to wear. The jacket is still bad…yikes!

She made Ray laugh by pulling funny faces at him.

N11-18-18_3-05-01 PM

Since there is a playground right next to the house, I thought I’d send Ray to play with some of the kids hanging around there.

N11-18-18_3-08-01 PM

I sent Viv and Emilia over to Creekside Smooth bar, which I had placed in the neighbourhood. I was hoping Viv might meet a toyboy, but everyone seems to be married.

N11-18-18_3-16-35 PM

Emilia had been promoted to Ensemble Author and needed to get Level 4 writing skill and Level 2 photography. She also had a work from home assignment, which was to draw on a sketchpad for two hours.

N11-18-18_3-37-41 PM

But she kept trying to do other things, like play basketball. Because obviously that’s the first thing you feel like doing when heavily pregnant.

N11-18-18_3-38-39 PM

Emilia decided to take a selfie.

N11-18-18_3-46-31 PM

Mum, your butternut squash soup is absolutely delicious! I love that Viv is a good cook.

N11-18-18_3-51-56 PM

Uh-oh, Emilia didn’t get to the toilet in time. Sorry luv, my mistake.

N11-18-18_3-53-14 PM

Since we had a few extra funds I spruced up the upstairs bathroom. It was also because the toilet kept breaking all the time, and also I hated the bath/shower combo.

N11-18-18_4-09-55 PM

I sent Viv out to do, well I’m not sure. I think I wanted her to meet some new people. But there was some really crazy clipping going on.

N11-18-18_5-02-09 PM

Yeah, I’m really not sure that’s meant to happen.

N11-18-18_5-05-11 PM

Just after the crazy clipping things started to go a bit loopy. I had to reset Viv, but then she just stood there with her arms out. I tried to go into manage worlds, but got stuck on the loading screen for five minutes. I decided to force quit. I went and checked on my mods and found a new MCCC update. When I upgraded to that one, things appeared to sort themselves out.

Back in the game and when I got Viv home it looked like Emilia was already in labour. The basket was there, so no chance of sending her to the hospital. Ray didn’t seem to be fazed at all by his sister giving birth in the living room. He just carried on dancing to the stereo.

N11-18-18_5-57-34 PM

And it’s a girl! I did a random first name choice and we got Lakshmi. So Lakshmi Milligan it is. I rolled a few more times to see what else would come up. Next roll was Michael, and the one after that was Isis. So I think we’ll stick with Lakshmi haha 🙂

N11-18-18_5-58-57 PM

Whilst redecorating the bathroom I noticed a new wallpaper I hadn’t seen before. I added some feature walls to Emilia’s room.

N11-18-18_6-02-49 PM

So Generation 2 is happening. I wonder what lovely features Lakshmi will inherit from her lovely looking Daddy? Also Ray is due to age up in a few days, I’m betting he has Viv’s nose!

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