Pt 1 – Where are all the men?

First of all, before I get into this I’m excited because I just got Seasons in the Black Friday sale on origin. And was cheaper than the place I usually buy my packs from. So I’m so happy! As yet I haven’t played my game since downloading. These images are all from yesterday. As soon as I’ve finished blogging I’m going to have a play….can’t wait!!!!!

I was looking at Emilia holding Lakshmi and noticed how her arms seem to be really really skinny. Do they seem unusually skinny to anyone else?

N11-19-18_10-32-50 PM

Emilia has to level up her photography skill so I’ve been trying to get her to take more pics. Here’s a couple from outside the house. The neighbourhood is so pretty. I love that there are weeping willows, they’re one of my favourite trees. When I was a little girl there used to be a weeping willow tree in front of my school in the playground. I used to love sitting under it and feel like I was in a different place. The leaves would bend down so low that they nearly touched the ground. You could pretend that you were sat under that tree away from everything. I loved it!

N11-19-18_10-40-09 PM

The bar I placed over the road.

N11-19-18_10-40-58 PM

Now that Emilia has the social media career and needs a computer (she was given one when she was promoted which I put on the other desk), and Viv needs a computer to write as well, I took the old computer from the family inventory and placed it on a desk in Viv’s room. Now they won’t have to fight over who uses it.

N11-19-18_10-45-07 PM

I sent Viv and Emilia out to see if they could get a little action. Where are all the men though? There’s twice as many women out than men, and all the men out are married. Except for the bartender, so Viv flirts with him.

N11-19-18_10-55-51 PMN11-19-18_10-56-25 PM

She asks to see his party clothes, and he obliges. That’s an interesting bulge you got there mister, or maybe you’re just happy to see Viv? Apparently not, since he seems to respond well to Viv’s flirting, but reacts negatively to her giving him a compliment on his looks :-/

N11-19-18_10-57-44 PM

Emilia takes a few selfie’s. But someone gets their bog ol’ bonce in the way.

N11-19-18_11-01-45 PM

Yeah, I always eat in the bathroom too. So hygienic!

N11-19-18_11-06-54 PM

Lakshmi was not happy, Emilia was about to go tend to her and when I looked Shingo had got everything sorted. Ghosts are extremely useful in this game.

N11-19-18_11-09-13 PM

I think I need to move this inspirational poster, or tun off the aura. Every time someone goes to do some work on the computer, they get so energised they can’t help but drop and do some exercise.

N11-19-18_11-10-49 PM

Viv blends in nicely in the babies room 😀

N11-19-18_11-12-06 PM

Shingo and Viv becoming best friends. About two mins later apparently they weren’t best friends anymore.

N11-19-18_11-14-23 PM

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