Pt 2 – We all love a birthday

Erm Viv? You have a dining table in the other room. Don’t fancy sitting at that? I think it’s a little bit more comfortable than kneeling on the kitchen floor. Probably a bit cleaner too 🙂

N11-20-18_11-34-28 AM

So Viv threw a party for Ray and it was also Lakshmi’s birthday too. Not many people turned up who were invited. I’m not entirely sure why. The chef abandoned the kitchen before the birthday cake was even made. I had to get Viv to finish it off. And look how dirty that counter is!!!!

N11-20-18_11-44-56 AM

Yay, Ray blew out his candles. Oh now here’s the chef, couldn’t be bothered to make the cake though.

N11-20-18_11-46-23 AM

Oh wow. Erm……hmmmm… Now that’s a look! I thought that Ray might get Viv’s nose, but I think this is even bigger than Viv’s!

N11-20-18_11-50-30 AM

Yeah I’d look worried too love, if I’d just seen that ageing up happen.

Ray doesn’t look too pleased about it all either.

He got the bro trait and the successful lineage aspiration (you’ll be lucky luv) 😉

N11-20-18_11-50-44 AM

And here he is in all his glory, in his party clothes :-/

N11-20-18_11-51-47 AM


N11-20-18_11-52-01 AM

Apart from the nose, everything else seems quite average. His ears look quite large but they don’t stick out like Viv’s do.

N11-20-18_11-53-40 AM

I checked out all the outfits generated for him. Yup, he really needs to look better. These fashion choices are not helping.

N11-20-18_11-53-52 AM

Formal :-/

N11-20-18_11-54-13 AM

The bedtime look isn’t all that bad, but why do they always put glasses on the Sims? You take glasses off to sleep. Also, whilst I love the slippers they always leave them on when they climb into bed. No one does that for real!

N11-20-18_11-54-23 AM

Yeah glasses don’t sit well with Viv or Ray, they just seem to hover.

N11-20-18_11-54-37 AM.png

So here is Ray’s new threads. I gave him a new hairstyle too. To try and even out the nose. Oh who am I kidding, no hairstyle is going to hide that. It’s a big old muppet nose if ever I saw one 😀

N11-20-18_12-05-17 PMN11-20-18_12-01-54 PM

Better party look for a teen I think.

N11-20-18_12-04-19 PM

There is really no one at this party. Is it any wonder it finished as a bronze event.

N11-20-18_12-06-52 PM

I did find Ray’s one friend, who is related to Akira (might be a son) upstairs. Who’s made all this mess around the baby?!

N11-20-18_12-07-45 PM

Oi, you little shit! Who goes to someone else’s house, to a party and then just throws paint around. I tried to get Viv to tell him off, but it didn’t seem to be an option.

N11-20-18_12-08-41 PM

I was so engrossed trying to get Viv to tell off Ray’s school friend, that I missed Lakshmi ageing up with Emilia.

But here she is. The first thing I noticed was the size of her head, it seems to be quite large. But she looks cute from the front.

N11-20-18_12-12-12 PM

You can definitely see something going on with the cheeks and cheekbones. I wonder if she’s going to get Channing’s strange face shape.

N11-20-18_12-12-20 PM

From the side it just looks very flat. Bit difficult to tell if she’ll get an over or under bite.

N11-20-18_12-12-25 PM

Awww Ray looking after Lakshmi is cute. So do you say half-niece? He’s her half-Uncle? I’m not sure how it works. Or maybe you just say niece and uncle, even when you are only half related.

N11-20-18_12-18-41 PM

After feeding her, he taught her some words.

N11-20-18_12-22-45 PM

She looks a little scared here, and Ray does kinda look like he’s about to strangle her 😀

N11-20-18_12-27-34 PM

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