Pt 3 – Emilia is on the prowl

Emilia has some work from home jobs to do, which involve uploading photos. I decide that I could kill two birds with one stone and send her out to take pics, and also see if she can do some flirting.

Give it up Emilia, this guys married to Alexander Goth. It also turns out that he’s grumpy and mean. What a combination.

N11-20-18_12-39-05 PM

There must be loads of hunks down the gym. Emilia takes her frustration out on the punching bag whilst she waits for all the hot men to turn up.

N11-20-18_12-46-03 PM

Instead Jayce’s ghost calls and invites her round. I’m curious to see where it is he’s meant to be inviting her to. But it turns out he just shows up at the gym. They have a hug and then Emilia leaves. There are no hot men around here!

N11-20-18_12-46-58 PM.png

I send her to my gym in Newcrest called (I can’t remember right now, but I am tired) 😀

She’s really hungry, so has a snack whilst sat in reception.

N11-20-18_12-48-44 PM

She also needs a shower, and then goes off to climb the climbing wall in just her towel. I was curious to see if she’d climb in that. But she did change into her gym clothes first.

N11-20-18_12-51-53 PM

At this point, I’ve just downloaded Seasons.

I just had to share with you Viv’s auto-generated look for hot weather haha

N11-20-18_9-08-06 PM

Now you may remember in an early (much earlier) post there had been notification that Clara Bjergsen had a baby, and they called him Baby. And I joked that he may be a potential suitor for Emilia. Well, half joked. I decided to see whether he might be. She hadn’t managed to run into him in any community lot, so I thought I’d just send her round to the house.

Looks like his parents have passed away, and both his sisters have moved out and had families of their own. Pretty sweet digs for a young adult.

N11-20-18_10-04-15 PM

Emilia finds him upstairs and they sit down at the chess table for a chat.

N11-20-18_10-06-50 PM

He’s cute, a bit skinny, but cute. I think she likes the blonde haired one’s. Emilia is really hungry at this point and also getting tired. But I don’t want to send her home just yet.

N11-20-18_10-07-19 PM

Where’s he going? Oh typical, just as they were getting along.

N11-20-18_10-07-37 PM

He’s outside……

N11-20-18_10-08-06 PM

Oh he’s grilling food….and Emilia is starving. Nice shout Baby!

N11-20-18_10-08-16 PM

He’s placed the grilled fruit behind the bbq for some reason.

N11-20-18_10-08-40 PM

After eating some, Emilia also bags some up for lunch the next day. She has to do this from behind the bbq, and clipping through the wall. Good food though Baby.

N11-20-18_10-11-21 PM

He disappears again. Oh he went inside to turn the fire on because it was getting chilly outside. Nice. Emilia seems to appreciate it.

N11-20-18_10-12-27 PM

Where’s he gone now? Oh he’s collected all the dirty dishes from outside and is doing the washing up. Ok this one’s a keeper……Channing who?!!!!!

N11-20-18_10-12-54 PM

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