Pt 4 – Let Down Gently

Ray is really hands-on with his little niece. Emilia has been having quite a few work things to do that have taken her out of the house, so Ray’s been helping a lot. Although I feel sort of guilty that maybe Lak isn’t getting the attention from her Mum as much.

N11-20-18_10-17-25 PMN11-20-18_10-19-18 PM

Ray went to do his homework, and Emilia wanted to use the computer… Viv’s room whilst she was sleeping for some reason.

N11-20-18_10-24-12 PM

Emilia went and met Baby in the park. She really liked their meeting the other day, so she wanted to see if the spark was still there.

N11-20-18_10-32-04 PM

Baby wanted a kiss, but he got turned down. I guess Emilia is still tied to Channing. There’s going to have to be a conversation I think.

N11-20-18_10-32-35 PMN11-20-18_10-33-19 PM

The flirting would get so far, and then things would get awkward. I think Baby is a good guy. He’s definitely not a Jayce!!!

N11-20-18_10-33-35 PM

Emilia got straight on letting Channing down when she got home. She invited him over.

N11-20-18_10-47-52 PMN11-20-18_10-48-17 PM

Emilia let down Chan next to the stairs in the hallway. He doesn’t seem that bothered. In fact I’m not sure he’s even met his daughter. And when in the same house as her he doesn’t seem to even want to see her.

N11-20-18_10-48-37 PM

Lak is bobbing up and down at Viv for some reason. I think it’s dancing, but I always think it makes toddlers look like they need the toilet.

N11-20-18_10-49-55 PM

My goodness, I turn my back for one second and look at the mess on the floor. Ray didn’t even notice!

N11-20-18_10-51-33 PM

Viv eating her breakfast knelt on the kitchen floor again.

N11-20-18_11-05-06 PM

Viv heads out to complete some work from home tasks. She’s all dressed up in her Winter woolies, her neighbour looks like she might catch a chill in that skimpy top and bare midriff. My grandmother would have had a heart attack, where is that young woman’s vest?! 😀

N11-20-18_11-11-35 PM

Viv had recommended a restaurant and then later got a call to check it out, so off they went together. Turns out it was Peachy Bean.

N11-20-18_11-17-08 PM

There happens to be a very good looking host. Hello!!!!

N11-20-18_11-19-44 PM

Quite an adoring look Viv is giving the host there.

N11-20-18_11-21-32 PM

Oops, clipping.

N11-20-18_11-22-47 PM

I wanted to get a few shots of Viv outside so you can see the back of Peachy Bean.

N11-20-18_11-25-09 PMN11-20-18_11-25-50 PMN11-20-18_11-26-05 PM


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