Pt 5 – Thanksgiving

Group breakfast started off well for Viv. She’s such a good cook, so I don’t know what’s going on here.

N11-22-18_7-50-27 PMN11-22-18_7-51-51 PM

At least it didn’t look burnt when they were eating it.

N11-22-18_7-52-05 PM

Lak took a little longer to get there.

N11-22-18_7-52-18 PM

Come on Lak, we’re all eating. Where are you?

N11-22-18_7-52-38 PM

Emilia tried to appease the gnomes. We’ve not had gnomes before so this is a new experience for us all.

N11-22-18_7-54-33 PM

The gnome seems mad, maybe he didn’t like pie?

N11-22-18_7-54-40 PM

But some singing seemed to cheer him up.

N11-22-18_7-55-01 PMN11-22-18_7-55-26 PM

Argh…..there’s a scary red gnome in the living room.

N11-22-18_8-00-37 PM

And now there’s loads of them in the kitchen. What are they up to?

N11-22-18_8-01-52 PM

Everyone got dressed up in their winter clothes to go outside for the first flakes of snow. Which was quite special for Thanksgiving. But it didn’t last very long.

N11-22-18_8-02-45 PM

Now the gnomes are in Emilia’s room. How do I get them to go away?

N11-22-18_8-03-43 PM

They really didn’t like Ray’s gift. Ouch!

N11-22-18_8-04-01 PM

Emilia and Ray tried a little singing.

N11-22-18_8-04-35 PM

Let’s just forget about the gnomes and sit down to a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Emilia had invited Baby, and I hoped he’d also join us for dinner. But when dinner came round I couldn’t find him anywhere.

N11-22-18_8-12-05 PM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you had a good one.

N11-22-18_8-12-12 PM


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