Pt 6 – Work from home driving me crazy!

Argh, the gnomes are still here, being creepy in the living room. So many packets of seeds!

N11-24-18_6-30-26 PM

Viv went outside to send a book to the publishers, and of course she took her breakfast with her. And finished it off whilst standing in the rain.

N11-24-18_6-57-00 PM

And then she left the plate on the floor.

N11-24-18_6-57-11 PM

N11-24-18_7-13-06 PM

All day I’d been battling with the work from home tasks. Emilia had to do two hours of sketching, but no matter how many times I got her to do a painting (her inventory is filled with paintings, she’s really getting very arty), it wouldn’t log her as doing the task. I was nearly ripping my hair out. And eventually had to give up.

N11-24-18_7-14-12 PM

You can’t turn your back for one minute!

N11-24-18_6-58-47 PM

Oooh look how pretty the Goth house looks.

N11-25-18_9-21-24 AM

With so many seed packets laying around, maybe someone in the house would like to plant them.

N11-25-18_10-05-08 AM

The family worked out how to put up decorations, it took them long enough. And Ray had to do a lot of rummaging.

Akira came for a visit, didn’t help with the decorations.

N11-25-18_10-13-09 AM

In fact, we had quite a few visitors.

N11-25-18_10-16-32 AMN11-25-18_10-17-11 AM

We have fall decorations up……

N11-25-18_10-25-55 AM

Ray gets to planting some seeds.

N11-25-18_10-29-13 AM

And has a little chat to the scarecrow.

N11-25-18_2-04-55 PM

Hopefully the work from home tasks will get sorted soon. I’m having to send my Sims to work, just to make sure they can get their promotion. And get paid! We’ve lost out on a few pay packets. Which isn’t very helpful.


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