Pt 1 – Family time

Fall crafts for Lak. I have to admit that I didn’t have all the skills from Emilia and Channing to use the trait generator. So I decided to choose a trait that made sense. Everyone on the family has the cheerful trait, so I chose that and also the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. I’ll have to note down Channing’s traits for when she ages up to a teen.

N11-25-18_2-01-35 PM

Speak of the devil. Looks who’s lurking outside. He just stood there for a while, and then left.

N11-25-18_2-06-24 PM

I like it when the family all sit down together. It’s even better when I haven’t personally facilitated it and they’ve done it automatically.

N11-25-18_2-11-50 PMN11-25-18_2-12-04 PM

I can’t remember why I got these two to dance, but Ray does look funny. I think Emilia needed to have some fun.

N11-25-18_2-17-41 PM

Emilia and Ray decide to go out to meet some new people.

N11-25-18_2-20-03 PM

I just had to get a shot of this guy’s amazing moustache.

N11-25-18_3-01-31 PM

Emilia invited Baby to the bar to hang out.

N11-25-18_3-01-55 PM

Ray suddenly remembered it was Sunday, and he better do his homework before school tomorrow.

N11-25-18_3-02-48 PM

Emilia got on really well with Alexander.

N11-25-18_3-04-44 PM

I love getting photos of Viv eating. She’ll eat pretty much eat anywhere.

N11-25-18_3-10-38 PM

Emilia enjoying Viv’s cooking for breakfast.

N11-25-18_3-31-00 PM

We need some A grade students. Get doing that homework kids!

N11-25-18_3-32-23 PM

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