Pt 7 – What are those lights?

Now I have Seasons, I was able to set up birthday’s in the calendar so I wouldn’t forget to have parties. I don’t like it when my Sims get sad from a forgotten birthday. This evening is Lak’s birthday party. Emilia got changed into some new party clothes and took Lak downstairs so we could blow out some candles.

N11-25-18_10-33-07 AM

But what are those pretty lights in the garden? Emilia goes to investigate.

N11-25-18_10-34-40 AM

Oh shit, yeah there’s something weird going on.

N11-25-18_10-34-52 AM

Emilia does not look too happy about this.

N11-25-18_10-35-19 AM

There she goes……..

N11-25-18_10-35-32 AMN11-25-18_10-35-45 AM

Emilia ended up missing Lak’s birthday because she was being probed by aliens :-/ So Ray had to help her blow out the candles. At least her Dad showed up.

N11-25-18_10-36-32 AM.png

N11-25-18_10-36-49 AM

And here she is. Interesting choice of clothes, Lak, hat and knee boots with a strappy cami top.

N11-25-18_10-49-43 AM

Everyone enjoying some cake. Fatima, Channing, Cooper and Bella.

N11-25-18_10-51-06 AM

Emilia’s back and somewhat dazed by her experience.

N11-25-18_10-54-56 AM

Lak was really tired, but she was going to go to sleep in Ray’s bed, so her room got a makeover.

N11-25-18_11-10-49 AM

Emilia had invited Baby, so I wanted them to work on their relationship.

N11-25-18_11-12-05 AM

And here’s a closer look at Lak as a child. Her cheekbones are definitely pronounced. I had to change her clothes up and give her a new hairstyle.

N11-25-18_11-18-05 AMN11-25-18_11-19-34 AM

Gave Viv another everyday outfit.

N11-25-18_11-39-54 AM

Erm Emilia, it’s bad luck to put up a brolly in the house.

N11-25-18_11-44-30 AM

Just a second, Bella’s now an elder. When did that happen? Did she blow out some candles without us seeing?

N11-25-18_11-46-06 AMN11-25-18_11-46-32 AMN11-25-18_11-46-44 AM

Typical…..who broke the computer????

N11-25-18_11-48-13 AM


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