Pt 2 – Emilia & Baby

The Hijinks festival was in town so Emilia decided to ask Baby on a date.

N11-25-18_3-38-16 PM

N11-25-18_3-40-05 PMN11-25-18_3-40-32 PMN11-25-18_3-40-46 PM

He seemed excited to be asked to be her boyfriend.

N11-25-18_3-41-18 PM

Emilia tried to get Baby to sit down and chat, but he kept running off.

N11-25-18_3-44-08 PM

So she went to buy a festival t-shirt instead.

N11-25-18_3-45-00 PMN11-25-18_3-47-32 PM

He did come back for a little woohoo action though.

N11-25-18_4-00-07 PM

Viv decided to eat outside, amongst the pretty fall lights.

N11-25-18_4-01-12 PM

Ray and Lak decided to join her.

N11-25-18_4-02-48 PM

Ray had a whim to rake some leaves, so I obliged.

N11-25-18_4-04-34 PM

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