Pt 3 – Oooh ma back!

I was struggling a bit with the work from home tasks. Sometimes they just wouldn’t register as completed. Emilia had the task of checking in at a gym or park, so I sent her to the gym I built. But there didn’t appear to be an option for checking in. I sen her to another gym, but it didn’t work there either.

N11-25-18_4-17-53 PM

Last resort I sent her to a park. There was a thunderstorm happening, so I needed her to get inside so she wouldn’t get struck by lightening. The check-in wouldn’t work here either so I cut my losses and sent her home.

N11-25-18_4-44-09 PM

Viv’s birthday party was this evening.

N11-25-18_5-13-41 PM

Viv blew out her candles. I feel sad that she’s getting older.

N11-25-18_5-14-20 PM

And straight away, ouch

N11-25-18_5-14-45 PM

Oooh poor Viv and her back. She doesn’t look very happy.

N11-25-18_5-14-53 PM

And where’s all the food? Lot’s of unmade food left in the kitchen. Why is the cooker on fire….again?!

N11-25-18_5-17-55 PM

Viv didn’t make it to the toilet in time. Although she was stood in front of it when she pee’d herself. Maybe she could have sat down and done it instead?

N11-25-18_5-19-30 PM

Since Viv is the handiest, she fixed the cooker. Whilst Ray passed out on the floor.

N11-25-18_5-20-31 PM

And then it was poor Viv’s turn. What a place to fall, right next to the junk. Whoopsie. Let’s get you to bed Viv, it’s been a hectic birthday for you.

N11-25-18_5-21-42 PM

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