Pt 4 – What to do as an elder?

I love how Akira has pretty much been a constant throughout Viv’s life. Viv went out to meet up with him, try and complete some work from home tasks, and also meet some new people. She had to try three different flavours of bubbles. Akira was happy to help out.

N11-25-18_10-34-01 PMN11-25-18_10-34-05 PM

Akira’s actually got a pretty good voice.

N11-25-18_10-37-48 PM

I wanted Viv and Akira to do a duet (Viv, not such a great singer), but he decided to walk off after this.

N11-25-18_10-37-51 PM

So she stuck around to sing with someone else. Whilst also really needing a shower.

N11-25-18_10-39-24 PMN11-25-18_10-39-43 PM

Viv meets Araceli Mori, could this be a potential partner for Ray? She’s extremely pretty. And trendy too!

N11-25-18_10-41-24 PM

Because the best spot to do your homework is in a dimly lit bedroom, whilst your Mum/Grandmother is asleep.

N11-25-18_10-49-41 PM

I had to include this pic because of the look of disdain on Emilia’s face. I’m not sure what Viv said to her.

N11-25-18_10-59-48 PM

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