Pt 6 – Oh dear!!!!!

I didn’t want to put my Christmas build up without testing it first. So off Viv went whilst she was working from home to try it out. My first mistake was that I’d listed it as a generic lot, so no one came to tend the cafe.

N11-27-18_7-32-42 PM

Here’s a little shot of Viv inside getting her recommended drink.

N11-27-18_7-33-54 PM

Off she goes to do a little ice skating.

N11-27-18_7-35-31 PMN11-27-18_7-35-41 PMN11-27-18_7-35-47 PM

As it turns out, she completely over exerted herself, and any more tiring activites could have some really nasty consequences. Since I didn’t want to kill Viv off on the ice, I let her sit down for a bit.

N11-27-18_7-36-51 PM

And then something really sad happened. We got notification that Akira had died 😦

N11-27-18_7-46-46 PM

Viv decided to visit Akira’s apartment to see whether she could find his urn. Maybe we could take it home and have him stay with us.

N11-27-18_7-52-54 PM

But it didn’t appear to be anywhere in the apartment. I wonder where he might be :-/

N11-27-18_7-53-21 PM

On a side note, I took a screenshot of this the other day because it made me giggle and forgot to share it……poor Ray! :’D

NScreen Shot 2018-11-22 at 19.55.56 copy

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