Pt 7 – Redecoration at last!

Mum, I thought you were tired. How come you’ve changed into outdoor gear to go up to bed?

You can talk young lady, you’ve been in your pj’s all day!

N11-29-18_3-43-23 PM

Viv is missing Akira. Aren’t we all?! *sigh*

N11-29-18_6-11-48 PM

Sorry Ray. Off he toddles with his legs crossed for school.

N11-29-18_6-13-31 PM

Viv suddenly seems either happy about something, or exasperated.

N11-29-18_6-15-38 PM

Hey! When did that happen?

N11-29-18_6-21-45 PM

Viv’s bedroom has never really had a good makeover. Now she’s top of the critic career, she pulls in some good money each day. I think we can glam up her room a little.

So everything in there was sold.

N11-29-18_6-23-32 PM

And TA-DAH! This is what I came up with……

N11-29-18_6-51-55 PMN11-29-18_6-57-47 PMN11-29-18_6-58-22 PMN11-29-18_6-58-39 PMN11-29-18_6-59-41 PMN11-29-18_7-00-08 PM

Ray went outside to chat to his Mum. I really need to get Ray to choose an umbrella.

N11-29-18_7-02-23 PM

Lak met a friend, they had a little chat and then the friend went running into the house. Pregnant Sims sure do walk funny.

N11-29-18_7-04-24 PM

Emilia doesn’t look to happy to be in the rain.

N11-29-18_7-06-31 PM

Ahhh that’s where they got to.

N11-29-18_7-07-58 PM

Emilia looks like she’s making everything worse, but she really was fixing it. Not smashing it up with the hammer.

N11-29-18_10-47-56 PM


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