Pt 8 – Family Tree

I started to get some notifications through that there were some marriages going on in the Penn family. So I thought I would do a breakdown of what’s been going on.

So Emilia had a baby with Channing Penn.

His Dad is Gideon Penn, who is now married to someone called Keri. Turns out she is the daughter of Akira and Morgan Fyres, who has a sister married to Hugo Villareal, called Rachelle.

Akira also had two children with Siobhan Kibo, formally Siobhan Fyres, the sister of Morgan. Which means he had children with two sisters! One of the children was Emilia’s friend Fatima, now married to Nobuya Sakamoto, and Abram Kibo.

Channing’s sister (remember her?) has married Wesley Lobo, the son of Diego Lobo. Wesley is very sad at the moment, could that be because his father has passed?

Also one of the Penn brothers is married to a girl called Janelle who appears to be heavily pregnant.

(Please excuse the weird shading/darkness thing happening. I’ve reported it as a bug. It’s not so bad in this picture)

Yup, looks like Janelle is in labour.

N11-29-18_11-00-09 PM

The brothers were upstairs taking selfie’s together. Here’s Channing with his new wife, who’s name I appear to have forgotten to take note of.

N11-29-18_11-01-27 PM

I appear to have some weird glitch with Sims in labour. Janelle was in labour when Emilia visited the lot, but wouldn’t have the baby. So baby baskets just kept repeatedly spawning everywhere.

N11-29-18_11-07-31 PMN11-29-18_11-07-39 PMN11-29-18_11-07-48 PM

The longer she stayed in one place, the more appeared.

N11-29-18_11-07-59 PMN11-29-18_11-08-19 PMN11-29-18_11-08-34 PMN11-29-18_11-11-02 PM

I thought Emilia better leave so poor Janelle could have her baby in peace!



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