Pt 9 – Birthday Ray

As you can probably guess, it’s Ray’s birthday today. He got a nice hug from his niece.

N11-29-18_11-18-29 PM

Your dress is pretty magic mummy for it to envelop me in such a way.

N11-29-18_11-19-22 PM

Looks like Ray has to blow his candles out on his own.

N11-29-18_11-23-52 PM

Lak made it just in time to see the ageing up process.

N11-29-18_11-28-54 PM

Emilia jumped in to add some cheer.

N11-29-18_11-33-03 PM

Candy Behr showed up, now Candy Bjergsen, married to Brayon Bjergsen. Which I think might be a brother of Baby. She also has three children. Looks like she’s still wearing the same clothes she’s always worn to party. I have to say, she still looks pretty good!

N11-29-18_11-34-29 PM

Ouch Candy, is your arm okay?

N11-29-18_11-37-15 PM

There seems to be quite a few pregnant Sims around.

N11-29-18_11-38-18 PM

And one guest is glowing purple!

N11-29-18_11-39-40 PM

I always do sit-ups at the top of the stairs at parties too 😀

N11-29-18_11-40-54 PM

Ray got the ‘good’ trait and also the successful lineage aspiration. He better find a girlfriend sharpish. He’s not even had a first kiss yet. So far, quite unlucky in love.

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