Pt 11 – Penn Party

Channing invited Emilia to his birthday party, but she missed the call. When she went over there it didn’t look like any party was happening after all.

Looks like Iliana is pregnant. Here’s hoping it’s by Wesley her husband.

N12-04-18_12-14-25 AM

Oh there’s some more baby baskets.

N12-04-18_12-14-41 AM

Channing and Emilia get into a heated discussion about music. Shame it wasn’t about him never spending time with his daughter.

N12-04-18_12-15-27 AM

More baby baskets in the living room.

N12-04-18_12-16-39 AM

And upstairs. Looks like Janelle had her baby.

N12-04-18_12-16-54 AM

We get a notification to say the baby really needs feeding before she gets taken away. But where is she?

N12-04-18_12-17-00 AM

Finally find her downstairs, and Emilia gives her a bottle.

N12-04-18_12-17-57 AM

Back home later and Lak changes into her Winter clothes because it’s snowing out. She does her homework sat on the porch.

N12-04-18_12-20-46 AM

The fall decorations get packed away in preparation for Winter, and some sparkly trees go up.

N12-04-18_12-27-02 AM

Stargazing in the snow………

N12-04-18_12-28-54 AM

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