Pt 13 – Neighbourhood Brawl and dinner.

Ray stayed at Natalia’s last night. Viv started the day by upgrading the fridge.

N12-09-18_11-02-19 PM

Lak started on an extra credit project.

N12-09-18_11-02-45 PM

And Emilia sat and watched the cooking channel in her pj’s.

N12-09-18_11-03-04 PM

It was neighbourhood brawl day, so off Emilia went to try and get into some fights.

N12-09-18_11-07-09 PM

It’s all kicking off.

N12-09-18_11-08-58 PM

Emilia is going for it.

N12-09-18_11-09-14 PMN12-09-18_11-09-37 PM

What’s that you’re doing in the kitchen? Showing off your outfit?

N12-09-18_11-11-49 PM

Oh hello Mum……what you looking at?

N12-09-18_11-13-12 PM

Oh it’s on!

N12-09-18_11-13-22 PM

And outside as well. Emilia is really embracing this neighbourhood brawl day.

N12-09-18_11-17-43 PM

Ray decides to invite Natalia over to meet the family. Well they are engaged after all.

N12-09-18_11-22-49 PM

Viv has cooked a ham dinner, and set the table.

N12-09-18_11-25-55 PM

Erm, not sure where your eyes are at Natalia. Does that hurt?

N12-09-18_11-26-40 PM

Everything is going so well. They’re all getting on brilliantly.

N12-09-18_11-26-58 PM

Viv and Emilia get up to have a little chat. Lak looks a little embarrassed at Ray’s flirting.

N12-09-18_11-27-50 PM

Erm…..what? We were just having a nice dinner. How rude in front of Natalia, I hope she doesn’t think Ray’s family fight all the time.

N12-09-18_11-28-11 PM

She still stay’s over, so I think dinner and meet the family was a success.

N12-09-18_11-31-39 PM

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