Pt 14 – Love is in the Air

I love watching Viv cook. Because she’s level 10, and also high in the gourmet cooking skill, she does pretty cool things when she makes recipes.

N12-09-18_12-20-39 AM

That’s a great looking pie!

N12-09-18_12-21-34 AM

Enough already with these stinking leaf piles!

N12-09-18_12-29-24 AM

Ray gets a new outfit for his gardening job.

N12-09-18_12-30-49 AM

Uh-oh, someone does not look happy, or very warm.

N12-09-18_12-35-10 AM

Emilia and Baby go on a date.

N12-09-18_12-41-00 AM

And Emilia, taking a leaf out of Ray’s book proposes to Baby.

N12-09-18_12-42-28 AM

He said yes!!!!!

N12-09-18_12-42-58 AM

They go inside and have a drink to celebrate. I didn’t see what happened, but suddenly I got a notification that Baby was really unhappy with Emilia. Did she flirt with someone else? Not entirely sure.

N12-09-18_12-45-08 AM

But he comes home with Emilia anyway, and they get down to business, in Ray’s bed of all places.

N12-09-18_12-51-32 AM

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