Pt 16 – It’s Birthday time again.

It was tv premiere time, and Viv and Lak sat down to watch it before work and school. I like how they made it sound like a version of Stranger Things.

N12-17-18_4-55-44 PM

Natalia still hadn’t had the baby, so I felt I was going to have to intervene. I made Ray and Natalia the playable family so I could at least put the poor girl our of her misery (not kill her), and enable her to have the baby. I think three day’s of labour is quite enough. I did have a little play with their clothing in CAS too whilst I was there….shhh…..don’t tell anyone 😉

Ray and Natalia had a little boy, and the random name generator called him Kasen. They may need to extend the cute cottage they’re in, as it’s only currently a one bed.

N12-17-18_5-00-03 PM

Back home it was time for Emilia’s birthday. The cake didn’t seem to be appearing, this may have something to do with the cooker setting on fire….twice!

N12-17-18_11-01-06 PM

In the end Viv was able to make a chocolate cake and I managed to get everyone in the dining room for Emilia to blow out the candles.

N12-17-18_11-08-49 PMN12-17-18_11-09-09 PM

Lak was being good mannered and cleaned up the mess. Looks like there was quite a few things left outside. She manages that huge pile of dishes quite well with one hand. She must have been working out on the monkey bars.

N12-17-18_11-12-03 PM

After the party had finished we had a couple of stragglers. Natalia stayed in the living room all night. It’s not like she’s got a newborn to get home to. I hope Ray’s remembered to feed him.

N12-17-18_11-12-23 PM

And Wolfgang was hanging out in the dining room. I don’t think the eyeliner is working so well on him now he’s an elder. You can hardly see his eyes.

I had to reset both of them so they’d leave.

N12-17-18_11-13-41 PM

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