Pt 1 – End of an era.

I’d only just started my game and it happened. Poor Viv 😦 At least it wasn’t on the bathroom floor like Shingo. The dining room was one of Viv’s favourite places.

N12-22-18_9-21-42 PMN12-22-18_9-21-45 PMN12-22-18_9-23-09 PMN12-22-18_9-23-40 PMN12-22-18_9-24-04 PM

Rest In Peace Viv, you were entertaining. From your initial trouble flirting, your first husband Jayce, that even though he was a cheater, he did give you Emilia. Shingo was a much better father, hopefully Ray can follow in his footsteps. We loved every floor cupcake moment, dancing whilst preggers, and you tucking into food. You became a world class food critic, and look at the amazing house you had. Nice work Viv, you were a cracker!

N12-22-18_9-24-07 PM.png

Death stayed around for a while to watch a film.

N12-22-18_9-25-25 PM

Emilia thought this was as good a time as any for a wedding and a fresh start. I don’t know why the fireworks set off before the vows were said.

N12-22-18_9-48-57 PM

Ray looks so sad.

N12-22-18_9-50-38 PM

How much yoghurt parfait does one wedding need?

N12-22-18_9-59-24 PM

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