Pt 17 -Lak’s Day.

Natalia was still at the house in the morning. So Viv sat and had a little chat to her.

N12-19-18_11-05-15 PM

Viv thought she better accompany Natalia home to see her new grandson.

N12-19-18_11-07-54 PMN12-19-18_11-09-05 PM

And she aged him up. Red hair, just like his parents 🙂

N12-19-18_11-09-50 PM

There seemed to be some kind of glitch, after ageing Kasen up, Viv was unable to put him down. She had to travel back home, luckily that left him behind at home.

N12-19-18_11-11-18 PM

It was then time for Lak’s birthday party. I got Viv to make the cake. I’m not sure why she needed to be doing that with the knives in front of the bowl of cake mixture.

N12-19-18_11-40-23 PM

Lak’s face made me laugh. I caught her just at the right moment.

N12-19-18_11-42-13 PMN12-19-18_11-42-25 PMN12-19-18_11-42-35 PM

And here she is, in all her teen glory. And just like Emilia, she’s inherited Viv’s wide hips and stomach. Is there something in the game that makes female Sims more likely to inherit their Mother’s body shape? If there is, that’s kinda sexist!

N12-19-18_11-43-53 PM

That’s a Penn profile if I ever did see one.

N12-19-18_11-45-26 PM

I think a little makeover is in order. Just a hairstyle and some new threads.

N12-19-18_11-46-23 PM

Viv should really get to know Baby, since he’s engaged to Emilia.

N12-20-18_12-10-19 AM

At least she didn’t get Channing’s nose.

N12-20-18_12-11-51 AMN12-20-18_12-13-11 AMN12-20-18_12-14-06 AM

I think maybe Lak has a crush on Jaron. He is extremely cute.

N12-20-18_12-16-33 AM

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