Pt 6 – Next chapter

I’m just sat here, writing my Sims blog and watching 90 Day Fiancé. This show makes me laugh. I’ve just been watching about a guy called Colt who lives at home with his Mom and dresses up his cats. And he’s bringing over his Brazilian girlfriend so they can get married. I think the Mom expects them to live with her. So far his girlfriend hates it. So funny……anyway…..back to Sims 😀

Having a closer look at Emilia, she does have a little more interesting face than I realised. It more obvious on the side view.

N11-16-18_6-01-22 PM

There’s definitely something going on with her mouth and chin that I hadn’t noticed before. I think it’s a little of something from Viv, but it’s not really obvious.

N11-16-18_6-01-31 PM

I gave Emilia some new night clothes.

N11-16-18_6-13-29 PM

And also a new everyday outfit. I’m not sure whether her hips have got bigger since ageing up.

N11-16-18_6-20-22 PM

Viv mended the stereo and then because she was feeling playful, she jumped up and down on the mess.

N11-16-18_6-22-58 PM

Emilia and Chan went on a date. I sent them to Peachy Bean which is one of my really early community lot builds.

N11-16-18_9-57-59 PMN11-16-18_9-59-10 PMN11-16-18_9-59-36 PMN11-16-18_10-02-53 PM

Is Emilia flirting with the cupcake, or Channing?!

N11-16-18_10-06-20 PM

Emilia invites Chan home.

N11-16-18_10-13-02 PMN11-16-18_10-15-07 PM

You don’t have to ask to go to the toilet Chan!

N11-16-18_10-15-58 PM

Now that she’s an adult, Emilia had to get a job. She had wanted to be a chef before, but I’ve done that job before so I thought I’d try something new. So Emilia has joined the social media career. She got straight on writing some articles, and levelling up her writing skill.

N11-16-18_10-38-07 PM

Oop, looks like someone’s pregnant 😀 At this point part of me is even wondering whether I should move Channing in. Once Emilia has the baby, there will be four members of the house, and I really don’t like having to look after too many people. We’ll see what happens.

N11-16-18_10-40-05 PM

I love how Viv looks in her nightwear. And look at Emilia’s little pregnant belly!

N11-16-18_11-00-04 PM

Pt 5 -Parenthood and Birthdays

Viv had some work jobs to do, reviews of food and drinks etc so I sent her out. There was some crazy clipping happening around the bar. Everyone would suddenly all congregate in the same area.

N11-12-18_4-47-26 PM

Ooops, sorry Viv. I let you get a little tired there.

N11-12-18_4-54-46 PM

Since I’d given Viv a new party look, and she was looking really great for it. I decided to update her other looks. I tried some new hairstyles. I just had to show you this hairstyle, it’s not the most flattering haha

N11-12-18_10-02-32 PM

Here’s her new everyday look.

N11-12-18_10-10-32 PM

And her new nightwear. I’m loving how classy she’s looking.

N11-12-18_10-11-48 PM

Her new formal look.

N11-12-18_10-12-07 PM

Why? Why the toilet and the shower both at the same time. Viv happens to be extremely handy though, so she fixed those up in a jiffy.

N11-12-18_10-14-26 PM

Who’s this walking past the house. Well apparently it’s Emilia’s half brother Toby Bheeda that Jayce had with Jesminder.

N11-12-18_10-19-20 PM

Emilia finally takes up Jayce’s offer to meet up. Well she has to level up some of her skills now I’ve got Parenthood. I thought she was a pretty nice kid but apparently she needs more empathy.

I love how colourful the spice market is!

N11-12-18_11-06-50 AM

Hey that dude stole Emilia’s food she bought whilst she was chatting to Bella Goth. I’ve just realised that the Goth’s are neighbours and we’ve never gone round to visit them.

N11-12-18_11-09-11 AM

A day after Emilia had met up with her Dad, we got notification that he’d passed. He was a bit of a scoundrel to begin with, but I think he was an okay Dad. And they seemed to all keep on good terms.

This is new, both Emilia and Ray brought them home. But, wow…….they take ages to do! Plus both kids got sick at the same time. And Emilia didn’t even manage to get her normal homework done.

N11-12-18_11-38-27 AM

Oh hello Millie Bobby-Brown, what’s going on here then?

N11-15-18_11-12-40 PM

What is wrong with Emilia? I thought for a second she’d turned into a walker (The Walking Dead reference, which I’m sure you all know)

N11-15-18_11-14-31 PM

Crikey, it’s really not becoming of her.

N11-15-18_11-14-36 PM

Emilia got a call from Channing inviting her to his birthday party, so off she went. Interesting party gear Chan.

N11-15-18_11-18-25 PM

Looks like they invited Mum and Dad over.

N11-15-18_11-20-31 PM

Emilia is still walking around in a mood. There don’t appear to be any other teens at the party apart from Channing’s siblings.

N11-15-18_11-22-40 PM

Channing blew out his candles, and Emilia didn’t make it to the kitchen in time because she was so bloody slow because of the ridiculous walking.

N11-15-18_11-23-52 PM

Then it was time for Emilia to age up. She looks exactly the same as a young adult. Now I’ll have to think about her relationship with Channing. I think I’ll get him to move in at first, because I also want to try and get Viv to meet someone new as well.

N11-15-18_11-41-41 PM

I liked this shot of everyone sat around the table. I missed a trick though as I could have had them do a formal table setting. I’ll have to remember next time.

N11-15-18_11-48-15 PM

Pt 4 -Date, Redecoration and Birthdays

I haven’t been able to play Sims as much recently as I’ve been back at work, which has meant less updates. So I thought I’d try and do a nice big update this time to make up for it 🙂

I honestly can’t tell if Viv is sad, or that’s just her face! I zoomed in because I wondered whether that was a pattern on the plate, or it’s syrup. I think it might be syrup. I thought for a second someone had been buying some new crockery.

N11-05-18_10-29-58 PM

When Viv got promoted, she got some new work clothes. Can’t say I’m a big fan. And yup, she’s still sad.

N11-05-18_10-34-45 PM

Emilia hadn’t seen Channing in a while, so I sent them on a date.

N11-05-18_10-43-02 PM

Oooh cheeky!!!!!

N11-05-18_10-43-56 PMN11-05-18_10-44-33 PM

I realised it was late, and a school night and she still hadn’t done her homework. Since we had got a gold rated date, I got her to do her homework in the cafe. Channing didn’t seem to mind.

N11-05-18_10-49-18 PM

The next day after school Emilia invited some friends round. Pretty much invited all the teens she knows. Here we have Channing sat down, she’s talking to Fatima, who is Akira’s daughter. They met when they were toddlers, which is cute. And on the other sofa is Advaith Banerjee. I’m not sure he’s in the World, but they must have met at school.

N11-10-18_8-45-35 PM

Here’s Cooper Bheeda, sat next to Advaith. If you remember he’s the son of their old neighbours. Jayce had an affair with his Mum, so Emilia has a half brother because of it.

N11-10-18_8-50-24 PM

Since we’d accumulated a little more money, and Emilia is getting a little older. I decided her child bedroom was a little outdated. I decided to move her into the double room at the front of the house, which looked like this. Yuck, I know. Time for a little redecoration.

N11-10-18_8-53-10 PM

And here’s what I came up with;

N11-10-18_9-25-05 PMN11-10-18_9-25-24 PMN11-10-18_9-25-36 PMN11-10-18_9-25-44 PM

Now the next day after doing Emilia’s room I ummed and ahhhed for a bit and decided to download a new bundle. So I got Parenthood, Bowling and the Vintage Glamour packs. I’ve definitely never owned this many expansions. Currently I’m missing Seasons, Vampires and a few stuff packs.

I absolutely love 1920’s Art Deco and Art Nouveau style, so I was really excited about the Vintage Glamour pack. I decided to redecorate Emilia’s room again with the new stuff.

Here’s what I came up with;

N11-11-18_9-36-37 PMN11-11-18_9-36-58 PMN11-11-18_9-37-28 PM

Today is Viv and Ray’s birthdays, so I thought I’d give Viv a little glam party makeover. I think she looks really classy.

N11-11-18_9-53-12 PMN11-11-18_9-53-26 PM

Do you know when you have one of those Sim day’s where it takes ages just to try and get everyone to do what you want them to do? It was one of those day’s. I got Viv to throw a birthday party for her and Ray. Emilia was still hanging around in her nightclothes when guests were showing up. So I had to sort that out.

Eventually got Viv to blow out the candles on the cake.

N11-11-18_9-59-13 PM

I then put candles back on for Ray, because who know’s if we’ll get two cakes. Especially since there seems to be fire coming out of the stove. And Emilia has taken it upon herself to fix it. Looks kinda dangerous. I was half expecting her party clothes to go up in flames. That’s all I need! We’ve only just got over Shingo’s death, we don’t need another one. But she seems to be managing just fine.

N11-11-18_10-00-12 PM

After a bit of wrangling, and people wandering all over the place, I get Emilia to help Ray blow out his candles. I’m not sure where Viv has disappeared to.

N11-11-18_10-01-15 PM

And here he is. My first thought was that he looks a lot like Shingo, there’s a resemblance there for sure. He got the social butterfly aspiration and the cheerful trait.

N11-11-18_10-09-58 PM

N11-11-18_10-10-09 PM.png

And from the side, yup he looks a lot like Viv. I think there might be a Viv nose there. And what’s with the earrings?!

N11-11-18_10-10-20 PM

I decided to change a few of his outfits, but when I got to his everyday wear. Yeah you’re on your own with this one kid 😀

N11-11-18_10-12-17 PM

Jayce calls and invites Emilia out to the art gallery. When she arrives he disappears, so I get her to hang at the gallery for a while to see who she’ll meet. She has a seemingly pleasant conversation with Akito Yamaguchi, until she finds out he’s Evil.

N11-11-18_10-20-15 PM.png

Sod this. I decide to place the Bowling Alley, which for some reason is listed in the gallery as a bar. Which really confused me. And I send Channing and Emilia on a date there.

Emilia’s first go at bowling doesn’t go quite according to plan.

N11-11-18_10-43-59 PM

Channing thinks this is amusing, but he’s not feeling so great when this happens a few minutes later. That’s what you get for laughing Channing…..karma!

N11-11-18_10-47-00 PM

Does this happen to anyone else? Every time I send my Sims home, and I think it’s only when I send someone else with them, there’s always a random toddler outside the house who then just disappears.

N11-11-18_10-55-09 PM

I’ve moved Ray into Emilia’s old room and given it a little makeover for him. The new kids stuff from the Parenthood pack is really great. I do still find that I want some more interesting clutter though. I never seem to be able to find useful bits and pieces that I can put on top of my surfaces. What about bottles that look like skincare items, or pots. Something like a mug or a glass that’s just decoration rather than it being a food item. A pair of glasses, or a notebook left open with a pen.

N11-11-18_11-10-10 PMN11-11-18_11-10-33 PM

Viv and Ray look really colour coordinated in his new room. This was unintentional 🙂

N11-11-18_11-21-39 PM

Oh, what’s going on here? Cheeky! 😉

N11-11-18_11-21-52 PM



Pt 3 – The Sadness Continues

Poor Viv, she’s finding Shingo’s death hard. Here she is crying over the urn, which is placed on the top of the fireplace.

N11-01-18_5-12-39 PM

Yeah, there’s something not right with that table. Viv keeps disappearing into it, and the chair.

N11-01-18_5-30-07 PM

Her sad face is so….well…..sad. Bless her!

N11-01-18_5-32-52 PM

I’ve just been trying to keep her busy, working from home. Unfortunately the day after Shingo died, she was meant to be working from home but actually got nothing done, so she didn’t get paid…..eek! She did manage to write a sad book though, and sell it to a publisher. At least that will bring in some extra cash.

Out of curiosity I went to check out some of the other families to see how they’re doing. Don Lothario is married with a son, check him out. This is Lukas Lothario, what a hottie!

N11-01-18_5-59-00 PM

No wonder though when his Mum looks like this.

N11-01-18_6-00-27 PM

Pt 2 – Sad Day

My game liked to remind me that Shingo didn’t have very long left, and would soon be getting a visit from Mr Reaper. I thought that Viv should get as much time with him as possible, before this happened. So I’d been trying to get Viv and Shingo to do as many romantic and fun interactions as possible.

N10-24-18_3-10-31 PM

I sent them out to have some fun at karaoke. Shingo was really going for it, well he does enjoy singing in the shower.

N10-24-18_3-22-03 PM

When they got home, Ray decided to throw a tantrum

N10-24-18_3-39-19 PM

And then farted, just to make clear his disdain.

N10-24-18_3-39-46 PM

Then it happened, just after Shingo had finished in the shower.

N10-24-18_3-44-43 PM.png

N10-24-18_3-44-52 PM

That’s a pretty creepy image. The Grim Reaper just waiting in the background.

N10-24-18_3-45-10 PMN10-24-18_3-45-50 PM

Viv pleaded, but to no avail.

N10-24-18_3-46-00 PMN10-24-18_3-47-04 PM

And Shingo’s ashes were placed in the dining room. He did enjoy his food and eating in there.

N10-24-18_3-48-29 PM

R.I.P Shingo. You were a good husband, step-father and father.

Pt 1 – New Family

Dad, I’m trying to do my homework;

N10-23-18_11-17-30 PM.png

Emilia just randomly started teaching Ray how to talk.

N10-23-18_11-24-47 PM

And here she is putting him to bed. To say she wasn’t very pleased when she first saw her brother, this is good progress.

N10-23-18_11-26-34 PM

Now because Emilia has actually bred out the ugly, I wondered what I could do to carry on the story. So I thought I’d make another Ugly family to make a potential partner for Emilia as she gets older.

So here we have, the Penn family;

This is Beth. The only thing I changed after these photos was that I made her hair a little darker. I didn’t realise that I forgot to get a photo of the Dad.

N10-23-18_10-36-56 PM.png

N10-23-18_10-37-03 PMN10-23-18_10-37-28 PM

But I created three teen boys, and a teen girl. Just to add something unusual into the mix. They were all created by genetics of the Mother and Father, and I kept randomising till they looked really odd. I also randomly generated all the names;

This is Channing;

N10-23-18_10-53-57 PMN10-23-18_10-54-09 PM

Ronen, who looks very ordinary from the front;

N10-23-18_11-00-25 PMN10-23-18_11-00-29 PM

And Emiliano;

N10-23-18_11-00-36 PMN10-23-18_11-00-43 PM

And here’s their sister Iliana;

N10-23-18_11-00-50 PMN10-23-18_11-00-53 PM

I moved the Penn family into Oakenstead in Willow Creek, as they needed a big house since there was so many of them. They’d only been moved in less then a day and I got notification that both the parents had got remarried. Oops, I forgot to put their relationship as married. Oh well, I suppose it looks like they got divorced or separated. Turns out both parents had moved out. I then got notifications that all the boys had got someone pregnant. Well they didn’t waste any time. I really need to check my MCCC settings again. I think maybe teen pregnancy is a little much, maybe just stick to young adult and adult. Unless I turn teen pregnancy rate down really low. I mean, teen’s do get pregnant in the real world, but it’s starting to get a little excessive.

So I sent Emilia round to Oakenstead to meet the new family. Here they are all chilling out in the living room. This house is pretty gorgeous, the family? Not so much.

N10-23-18_11-57-48 PM.png

I settled on Channing being the most strange looking out of the brothers, so I get Emilia to make a move on him. They seem to get on very well.

N10-24-18_12-01-37 AMN10-24-18_12-03-24 AM

Emilia had some needs she needed fulfilling, so I send her home and invite Channing to come too. He ends up staying the night.

She asks Channing if he’d be her boyfriend.

N10-24-18_12-07-59 AM

They seem to be really comfortable around each other.

N10-24-18_12-08-30 AM

Yup, really comfortable.

N10-24-18_12-08-50 AM

At this point I’m unsure whether I want Emilia to have children with Channing, maybe she’ll meet someone else. But she’s still a teen so there’s plenty of time. Meanwhile there’s going to be some very interesting babies popping up around the town.


Pt 6 – New Baby Brother/Sister

Viv is looking huge at the third trimester

N10-23-18_10-57-17 AM

When Shingo and Viv woke up, Viv went into labour and also looked like this. I’m not sure you’re meant to reach in and try and get the baby out yourself through your tummy Viv!

N10-23-18_11-35-30 AM

She needed to pee so bad she wet herself (this seems to happen to Viv A LOT) but it could be mistaken for her waters breaking 😀

N10-23-18_11-36-28 AM

So I fulfilled a few needs and contemplated whether to go to the hospital or not. I eventually decided on a hospital birth. Shingo did the regular Dad freak out. Viv handled it like a complete pro, and just went straight in.

Shingo after freaking just started to walk off, and I realised he was off to work. I left him to it as Viv didn’t seem too concerned.

N10-23-18_11-39-09 AM

Was trying to get a pic of what was on the screen that the Dr is looking at. It was a flashing baby basket.

N10-23-18_11-49-00 AM

And we have a baby. It’s a boy!

N10-23-18_11-50-10 AM

Welcome to the family Ray Milligan (randomly generated first name). He looks a little unsure right now 🙂

N10-23-18_11-50-38 AM

Ray disappears and Viv gets out the tea she had hiding in her pocket, and then suddenly gets all flirty. Crikey, calm down Viv love, you’ve just given birth. I know the Dr is hot, but steady on! I think Viv is lining up her next potential husband haha 😀

N10-23-18_11-50-57 AM

And here’s Shingo with his first and only child. Unless something happens with Viv in the next few day’s :-/ 😀

N10-23-18_12-14-21 PM