Pt 13 – Neighbourhood Brawl and dinner.

Ray stayed at Natalia’s last night. Viv started the day by upgrading the fridge.

N12-09-18_11-02-19 PM

Lak started on an extra credit project.

N12-09-18_11-02-45 PM

And Emilia sat and watched the cooking channel in her pj’s.

N12-09-18_11-03-04 PM

It was neighbourhood brawl day, so off Emilia went to try and get into some fights.

N12-09-18_11-07-09 PM

It’s all kicking off.

N12-09-18_11-08-58 PM

Emilia is going for it.

N12-09-18_11-09-14 PMN12-09-18_11-09-37 PM

What’s that you’re doing in the kitchen? Showing off your outfit?

N12-09-18_11-11-49 PM

Oh hello Mum……what you looking at?

N12-09-18_11-13-12 PM

Oh it’s on!

N12-09-18_11-13-22 PM

And outside as well. Emilia is really embracing this neighbourhood brawl day.

N12-09-18_11-17-43 PM

Ray decides to invite Natalia over to meet the family. Well they are engaged after all.

N12-09-18_11-22-49 PM

Viv has cooked a ham dinner, and set the table.

N12-09-18_11-25-55 PM

Erm, not sure where your eyes are at Natalia. Does that hurt?

N12-09-18_11-26-40 PM

Everything is going so well. They’re all getting on brilliantly.

N12-09-18_11-26-58 PM

Viv and Emilia get up to have a little chat. Lak looks a little embarrassed at Ray’s flirting.

N12-09-18_11-27-50 PM

Erm…..what? We were just having a nice dinner. How rude in front of Natalia, I hope she doesn’t think Ray’s family fight all the time.

N12-09-18_11-28-11 PM

She still stay’s over, so I think dinner and meet the family was a success.

N12-09-18_11-31-39 PM


Pt 12 – Things are looking up for Ray

I have to admit, that there hasn’t really been many amazing things happening in my Sims game. Emilia is still trying with Baby, but they’ve woohooed a few times now, and even tried for a baby twice, but with no luck.

We’re still waiting for Lak to age up, which is in a few day’s time. So until then I thought I’d try and get something to happen for Ray. Poor guy, he’s a young adult now and he’s never even kissed anyone! He needs some serious action. He was getting on quite well with the waitress he met at the Festive Cafe, maybe we could give her a call?!

He sends Anna the waitress a happy text, and luckily she gets back asking if Ray wants to go out. He goes to meet her and she disappears, must have had to go to work. So Ray decides to go get a coffee anyway.

N12-09-18_10-03-19 PM

He’s getting a few odd looks from the patrons, are they staring at the nose?

N12-09-18_10-08-42 PM

Nobody interesting shows up at the cafe, how is Ray going to meet anyone. Then I have an idea. Ray not being my first born means that he can meet anyone (and at this point I’m not even sure if this is a BOTU challenge anymore haha….I’m kinda going with what I feel at the time). The other day I’d placed some new families that I’d created, to fill the town up a little. One of them is a single female called Natalia Lorenzo, I was going with a bit of an Italian feel at the time. So I decided to send Ray to Brindleton Bay to Natalia’s ‘Spring Inspired’ house (from the gallery, I’ll have to find out the Simmers name. It’s a gorgeous little house).

She was stood outside when Ray walked by and they got chatting. As you can see, she’s gorgeous!

N12-09-18_10-15-19 PM

They head inside to sit and chat where it’s warm.

N12-09-18_10-17-04 PM

How cute is this house?! I love it.

N12-09-18_10-17-54 PM

Ray’s flirting is going down a treat.

N12-09-18_10-18-28 PM

He offers a romantic gift, a crocus. Although she doesn’t seem to like it for some reason. Luckily it doesn’t affect his chances.

N12-09-18_10-20-32 PM

He goes in for the neck kiss!

N12-09-18_10-21-57 PM

And then the proper kiss. Natalia looks so shocked, but I think I would be too if someone’s nose penetrated mine.

N12-09-18_10-23-06 PM

Why don’t they just try for a baby, why not. Ray’s been waiting long enough.

N12-09-18_10-25-04 PM

Natalia looks really happy about Ray being in her bed.

N12-09-18_10-26-10 PM

Maybe they should go out for a date, and make things a little more official. I needed a posher restaurant, so placed the La Bovine Italian restaurant in Newcrest (I’m running out of small plots!)

What a gloomy evening, we better get inside quick.

N12-09-18_10-35-54 PM

Wow, Natalia looks amazing. I’d actually forgotten which clothes I’d chosen for her.

N12-09-18_10-36-33 PMN12-09-18_10-37-33 PM

Are their ghosts in this placed. The lady in the pink dress seems to be possessed.

N12-09-18_10-39-57 PM

Phew, she seems okay now. Ray and Natalia are getting on amazingly.

N12-09-18_10-40-16 PM

She’s so excited when Ray ask’s her to be his girlfriend. She’s also been thinking a lot about baby things, and quite a few times looked like she may need to throw up. So we may have a little one on the way.

N12-09-18_10-42-30 PMN12-09-18_10-42-35 PM

Please go pee Ray, we don’t want any accidents on your first date.

N12-09-18_10-43-09 PM

Wa-hey…..Ray’s really going for it.

N12-09-18_10-45-14 PM

Then he goes in for the kill! Will she say yes? It’s all moving very quickly but, that’s the Sims 😀

N12-09-18_10-46-57 PMN12-09-18_10-47-07 PM

She loves it!

N12-09-18_10-47-21 PM

And after paying the bill they both trudge off outside to sleep on benches?! Well they have had a really exhausting day.

N12-09-18_10-47-53 PM

Pt 11 – Penn Party

Channing invited Emilia to his birthday party, but she missed the call. When she went over there it didn’t look like any party was happening after all.

Looks like Iliana is pregnant. Here’s hoping it’s by Wesley her husband.

N12-04-18_12-14-25 AM

Oh there’s some more baby baskets.

N12-04-18_12-14-41 AM

Channing and Emilia get into a heated discussion about music. Shame it wasn’t about him never spending time with his daughter.

N12-04-18_12-15-27 AM

More baby baskets in the living room.

N12-04-18_12-16-39 AM

And upstairs. Looks like Janelle had her baby.

N12-04-18_12-16-54 AM

We get a notification to say the baby really needs feeding before she gets taken away. But where is she?

N12-04-18_12-17-00 AM

Finally find her downstairs, and Emilia gives her a bottle.

N12-04-18_12-17-57 AM

Back home later and Lak changes into her Winter clothes because it’s snowing out. She does her homework sat on the porch.

N12-04-18_12-20-46 AM

The fall decorations get packed away in preparation for Winter, and some sparkly trees go up.

N12-04-18_12-27-02 AM

Stargazing in the snow………

N12-04-18_12-28-54 AM

Pt 10 – All About Ray

Does no one know how to wash up?

N11-30-18_8-55-37 PM

Erm…….what a mess!

N11-30-18_8-59-18 PM

Baby came over and Emilia got him to show off his outfit.

N11-30-18_9-17-23 PM

Viv had an urge to rake leaves

N11-30-18_9-33-32 PM

Ray was in need of some serious female interaction, and maybe also to tone up a little. So off he went to the gym.

Two pregnant Sims?

N11-30-18_9-38-32 PM

Four pregnant Sims….okay…..this is a little strange.

N11-30-18_9-40-52 PM

Ray, you could have changed out of your towel before visiting the museum. It’s also really cold out!

N11-30-18_9-48-21 PM

Another pregnant townie………..

N11-30-18_9-49-36 PM

So Ray goes off to the Christmas park, and here’s another pregnant Sim :-/ erm…..I think I need to check my MCCC settings.

N11-30-18_9-56-08 PMN11-30-18_9-56-35 PMN11-30-18_9-58-07 PM

Pregnant Sims everywhere……also why are they all in summery clothes when ir’s wet and cold outside?

N11-30-18_11-04-27 PM

I think you’re in labour sweetheart. Ray does seem to be hitting it off with the barista with the cool hair.

N11-30-18_11-07-06 PM

Because that’s not a little weird and creepy.

N11-30-18_11-08-54 PM

Ray gets a call about a party at the Von Haunt Estate from a friend, and even she’s pregnant too.

N11-30-18_11-21-01 PM

The dj booth isn’t working because of the rain, so everyone decides to walk through it and stand IN the bar.

N11-30-18_11-22-38 PM

And now someone’s taking a shower.

N11-30-18_11-22-59 PM

And another. This party is getting a little strange.

N11-30-18_11-23-37 PM

And then it was time for everyone to leave. Not the best party ever.

N12-03-18_10-20-10 PM.png

Pt 9 – Birthday Ray

As you can probably guess, it’s Ray’s birthday today. He got a nice hug from his niece.

N11-29-18_11-18-29 PM

Your dress is pretty magic mummy for it to envelop me in such a way.

N11-29-18_11-19-22 PM

Looks like Ray has to blow his candles out on his own.

N11-29-18_11-23-52 PM

Lak made it just in time to see the ageing up process.

N11-29-18_11-28-54 PM

Emilia jumped in to add some cheer.

N11-29-18_11-33-03 PM

Candy Behr showed up, now Candy Bjergsen, married to Brayon Bjergsen. Which I think might be a brother of Baby. She also has three children. Looks like she’s still wearing the same clothes she’s always worn to party. I have to say, she still looks pretty good!

N11-29-18_11-34-29 PM

Ouch Candy, is your arm okay?

N11-29-18_11-37-15 PM

There seems to be quite a few pregnant Sims around.

N11-29-18_11-38-18 PM

And one guest is glowing purple!

N11-29-18_11-39-40 PM

I always do sit-ups at the top of the stairs at parties too 😀

N11-29-18_11-40-54 PM

Ray got the ‘good’ trait and also the successful lineage aspiration. He better find a girlfriend sharpish. He’s not even had a first kiss yet. So far, quite unlucky in love.

Pt 8 – Family Tree

I started to get some notifications through that there were some marriages going on in the Penn family. So I thought I would do a breakdown of what’s been going on.

So Emilia had a baby with Channing Penn.

His Dad is Gideon Penn, who is now married to someone called Keri. Turns out she is the daughter of Akira and Morgan Fyres, who has a sister married to Hugo Villareal, called Rachelle.

Akira also had two children with Siobhan Kibo, formally Siobhan Fyres, the sister of Morgan. Which means he had children with two sisters! One of the children was Emilia’s friend Fatima, now married to Nobuya Sakamoto, and Abram Kibo.

Channing’s sister (remember her?) has married Wesley Lobo, the son of Diego Lobo. Wesley is very sad at the moment, could that be because his father has passed?

Also one of the Penn brothers is married to a girl called Janelle who appears to be heavily pregnant.

(Please excuse the weird shading/darkness thing happening. I’ve reported it as a bug. It’s not so bad in this picture)

Yup, looks like Janelle is in labour.

N11-29-18_11-00-09 PM

The brothers were upstairs taking selfie’s together. Here’s Channing with his new wife, who’s name I appear to have forgotten to take note of.

N11-29-18_11-01-27 PM

I appear to have some weird glitch with Sims in labour. Janelle was in labour when Emilia visited the lot, but wouldn’t have the baby. So baby baskets just kept repeatedly spawning everywhere.

N11-29-18_11-07-31 PMN11-29-18_11-07-39 PMN11-29-18_11-07-48 PM

The longer she stayed in one place, the more appeared.

N11-29-18_11-07-59 PMN11-29-18_11-08-19 PMN11-29-18_11-08-34 PMN11-29-18_11-11-02 PM

I thought Emilia better leave so poor Janelle could have her baby in peace!



Pt 7 – Redecoration at last!

Mum, I thought you were tired. How come you’ve changed into outdoor gear to go up to bed?

You can talk young lady, you’ve been in your pj’s all day!

N11-29-18_3-43-23 PM

Viv is missing Akira. Aren’t we all?! *sigh*

N11-29-18_6-11-48 PM

Sorry Ray. Off he toddles with his legs crossed for school.

N11-29-18_6-13-31 PM

Viv suddenly seems either happy about something, or exasperated.

N11-29-18_6-15-38 PM

Hey! When did that happen?

N11-29-18_6-21-45 PM

Viv’s bedroom has never really had a good makeover. Now she’s top of the critic career, she pulls in some good money each day. I think we can glam up her room a little.

So everything in there was sold.

N11-29-18_6-23-32 PM

And TA-DAH! This is what I came up with……

N11-29-18_6-51-55 PMN11-29-18_6-57-47 PMN11-29-18_6-58-22 PMN11-29-18_6-58-39 PMN11-29-18_6-59-41 PMN11-29-18_7-00-08 PM

Ray went outside to chat to his Mum. I really need to get Ray to choose an umbrella.

N11-29-18_7-02-23 PM

Lak met a friend, they had a little chat and then the friend went running into the house. Pregnant Sims sure do walk funny.

N11-29-18_7-04-24 PM

Emilia doesn’t look to happy to be in the rain.

N11-29-18_7-06-31 PM

Ahhh that’s where they got to.

N11-29-18_7-07-58 PM

Emilia looks like she’s making everything worse, but she really was fixing it. Not smashing it up with the hammer.

N11-29-18_10-47-56 PM