Pt 2 – Sad Day

My game liked to remind me that Shingo didn’t have very long left, and would soon be getting a visit from Mr Reaper. I thought that Viv should get as much time with him as possible, before this happened. So I’d been trying to get Viv and Shingo to do as many romantic and fun interactions as possible.

N10-24-18_3-10-31 PM

I sent them out to have some fun at karaoke. Shingo was really going for it, well he does enjoy singing in the shower.

N10-24-18_3-22-03 PM

When they got home, Ray decided to throw a tantrum

N10-24-18_3-39-19 PM

And then farted, just to make clear his disdain.

N10-24-18_3-39-46 PM

Then it happened, just after Shingo had finished in the shower.

N10-24-18_3-44-43 PM.png

N10-24-18_3-44-52 PM

That’s a pretty creepy image. The Grim Reaper just waiting in the background.

N10-24-18_3-45-10 PMN10-24-18_3-45-50 PM

Viv pleaded, but to no avail.

N10-24-18_3-46-00 PMN10-24-18_3-47-04 PM

And Shingo’s ashes were placed in the dining room. He did enjoy his food and eating in there.

N10-24-18_3-48-29 PM

R.I.P Shingo. You were a good husband, step-father and father.

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