Pt 10 – All About Ray

Does no one know how to wash up?

N11-30-18_8-55-37 PM

Erm…….what a mess!

N11-30-18_8-59-18 PM

Baby came over and Emilia got him to show off his outfit.

N11-30-18_9-17-23 PM

Viv had an urge to rake leaves

N11-30-18_9-33-32 PM

Ray was in need of some serious female interaction, and maybe also to tone up a little. So off he went to the gym.

Two pregnant Sims?

N11-30-18_9-38-32 PM

Four pregnant Sims….okay…..this is a little strange.

N11-30-18_9-40-52 PM

Ray, you could have changed out of your towel before visiting the museum. It’s also really cold out!

N11-30-18_9-48-21 PM

Another pregnant townie………..

N11-30-18_9-49-36 PM

So Ray goes off to the Christmas park, and here’s another pregnant Sim :-/ erm…..I think I need to check my MCCC settings.

N11-30-18_9-56-08 PMN11-30-18_9-56-35 PMN11-30-18_9-58-07 PM

Pregnant Sims everywhere……also why are they all in summery clothes when ir’s wet and cold outside?

N11-30-18_11-04-27 PM

I think you’re in labour sweetheart. Ray does seem to be hitting it off with the barista with the cool hair.

N11-30-18_11-07-06 PM

Because that’s not a little weird and creepy.

N11-30-18_11-08-54 PM

Ray gets a call about a party at the Von Haunt Estate from a friend, and even she’s pregnant too.

N11-30-18_11-21-01 PM

The dj booth isn’t working because of the rain, so everyone decides to walk through it and stand IN the bar.

N11-30-18_11-22-38 PM

And now someone’s taking a shower.

N11-30-18_11-22-59 PM

And another. This party is getting a little strange.

N11-30-18_11-23-37 PM

And then it was time for everyone to leave. Not the best party ever.

N12-03-18_10-20-10 PM.png

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