Pt 5 – I built something :)

I’ve been really excited since I got Seasons, and with it getting closer to Christmas. Christmas is my favourite holiday, and I love anything to do with decorating. I wanted to build a specific Christmas holiday themed area to send my Sims.

So here is Festive Frost Park and Cafe…….

N11-29-18_2-01-30 PM

There is a small cafe in the corner, with outdoor seating and heaters.

N11-29-18_2-01-46 PM

An ice rink

N11-29-18_2-01-59 PM

A couple of vendor stands with additional seating

N11-29-18_2-02-10 PMN11-29-18_2-02-20 PM

A closer look inside the cafe.

N11-29-18_2-02-49 PM

I created lots of small borders around the area with sculptures and plants. I wanted it to be an area that Sims could walk around, whilst they had a hot chocolate, get cosied up together outside the cafe, or had fun whilst playing on the ice.

N11-29-18_2-03-10 PMN11-29-18_2-03-34 PMN11-29-18_2-03-49 PM

Inside the toilet block was an unused space which I put a window in and placed sparkly trees, as a little indoor decoration.

N11-29-18_2-04-11 PMN11-29-18_2-04-42 PM

As yet I haven’t put this up on the gallery for download, but I will. I know my builds are not as elaborate as some people’s. My big thing is the decorating. I love the decorating side of things. I would happily sit and decorate other people’s builds. I think what some people create is really clever and amazing, I can’t always use my brain in that way to create complex builds.

Sometimes I do try and take the time to create something new. Now we have terrain again, I have a few ideas from previous games that I might want to try and recreate.

I really enjoyed creating this little Winter Wonderland, now I just want the snow to make it pretty!

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