Pt 1 – First Date

So I send Viv out to chase some pants. Off she goes to the Hare and Hedgehog over in Windenburg. Now she clocks flannel shirt as soon as he walks in. I think she’s liking that little ponytail thing he’s got going on. We find out his name is Jasper Valenzuela. Well hello, Jasp! It starts off quite well, little bit of flirting.

N10-13-18_10-24-55 PM


She decides to ask Jasp out on a date, so they travel to Discotheque Pan Europa. This is where it all starts to go a bit downhill. Suddenly the flirty actions don’t seem to be working so well.

N10-13-18_10-30-38 PM


Maybe Jasper has seen someone else he’s interested in at the club. They end up sitting and talking in some chairs and Viv decides to just cut her losses and leave the date early. Oh well Jasp, it was nice while it lasted.


N10-13-18_10-34-03 PM

3 thoughts on “Pt 1 – First Date

  1. Welcome to the SimLit Community!! Love reading new stories and lately i’ve been checking out BOTU’s

    Can’t wait to see how yours goes!

    P.S when I first started, my blogs were pretty awful and I didn’t know how to maneuver through anything, so yours already looks great I would have never known it was your first! Great job!

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    1. Thank you so much! WordPress kicked my ass yesterday. The menu’s were really blagging my head but I think it seems to be in an okay order now. The only blog I’d had before was a tumblr blog, and I’d never done anything Sims related. I enjoyed reading other people’s so much, I just had to give it a go myself 🙂

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