Pt 4 – Partihaus!!!!

An invitation came through to join Partihaus. Both Viv and I thought ‘what the hell,’ what has she got to lose?! She might get to meet some new men, and she needs cheering up after her two bad dates.

So she gets all dolled up and goes on the group gathering to da club.


N10-16-18_10-04-21 PM

Things are going ok, not many guys catch her eye. She even gets involved in a group dance…..


N10-16-18_10-05-43 PM

…but wait a second…..who’s that over by the bar? Could that be Jayce? Maybe she should go say hello. Things seem to go well, he seems to be accepting Viv’s advances. But what’s this? Where’s he going? Follow him Viv, get after him…..don’t let him get away.


N10-16-18_10-08-02 PM

And she most definitely doesn’t. In fact they end up having their very first kiss. Awwwww…..finally! And then he disappears into thin air……oh!


N10-16-18_10-08-27 PMN10-16-18_10-08-32 PM

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