Pt 11 – Labour, it’s baby time!

It’s happening! After Viv had her air, she came back to the apartment and went into labour. So off we went to the hospital. Jayce proper freaks out, but Viv is pretty cool about it. The Doctor doesn’t seem that bothered either.


N10-17-18_10-39-30 PM

Viv goes to check in.

N10-17-18_10-39-59 PM


Jayce is still standing outside, with the Doctor. Viv is still waiting inside. Hello? Anyone? Lady in labour here


N10-17-18_10-40-16 PM

I call the Doctor over into the foyer, and finally she takes Viv to the delivery room



N10-17-18_10-42-06 PM

Yay, we have a baby. Welcome to the world Emilia Milligan.


N10-17-18_10-44-00 PM

Emilia seems to have the ability to float. That’s pretty impressive for a newborn.


N10-17-18_10-44-55 PM

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