Pt 5 – Akira is a good guy

Akira calls wanting to know if Viv fancies popping over. So she does. I’m not sure who’s this apartment is, I assume it’s Akira’s but there seems to be a lot of Sims and toddlers there.

Fatima Kibo, Akira’s daughter is the closest one to us on the couch with black hair and pink t-shirt. Next to her with the brown hair and purple hoody is Kathleen Walsh.

They’re just hanging out, chatting and watching tv.


N10-18-18_10-22-05 PM

Viv pops to the toilet upstairs and we have random guy (I forgot to write down his name) and Alissa Walsh, who must be the sister to Kathleen downstairs. She’s just dancing away to herself, bobbing up and down.


N10-18-18_10-23-31 PM

I decide to bring Emilia over, since there are so many other toddlers here. Maybe she can make some friends.


N10-18-18_10-25-34 PM

That’s Akira’s wife on the sofa with them. If Akira wasn’t already married I’d think about hooking him up with Viv. But how cute are his little family!


N10-18-18_10-30-10 PM

Emilia is trying to cheer up Fatima who is cranky cos she’s tired. I just realised that Emilia is still in her pj’s. I love that watermelon top. That would actually look awesome on a teen too.


N10-18-18_10-30-27 PM

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